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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why would anyone want to be President?

Or Senator?
Or Congressman /..woman?
Or Governor for that matter?

Certainly not I.

There is this group on Facebook "Ted Nugent for Michigan Governor"

Yes, I joined.

No I do not live, nor have I ever lived in Michigan.

Yes, I hope he does not win. Or ANY electoral position.

Here is why.


Politicians have become a lighting rod for the press and are constantly put under the microscope. Ted probably does not have much of a problem with media attention. But this microscope tends to constrain people.

Politics has become more about preventing others from achieving their agenda than promoting change.

Politicians are constantly bombarded and influenced by special interest groups instead of a government for the people, nowadays it seems that the lobbyists and specials interest groups want the government to be for them.

Yes, sad but true and yes I wish it were not so.

Looking at Teds website, he is an great supporter of the NRA, hunting conservation and outdoorsmansship, an advocate of discipline, clean living and staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment.

He supports lots of organizations and works for advocacy groups including his own sponsored Kamp for Kids

I think this is great and I hope he and others continue and do even more.

As I continue to look through his site, news reports, interviews and commentary, There is this little bit about him always being against "evil" and "liberals" and "criminals".
This is probably why this whole political movement started. To prevent the evil criminal liberals from taking away our rights. This would certainly fit in with one of my definitions of becoming a politician.
But I think this is where the logic and some folks have gotten confused. I don't think the three are equal. (evil = liberals = criminals) But I digress...

Continuing my original line of thought here...

To be an advocate for change; stay out of elected office.

If anything Ted should continue promoting his values, join up with and create as many groups and organizations as possible and become a virtual conglomerate supporting exactly what he and others want upheld.

This conglomerate could then finance and support the values and issues that they want. This financial support could help influence legislation and government across the board at the local, state and even the Federal Government level.

Heck, he could even incorporate this virtual conglomerate. That way he could take advantage of the recent Supreme Court Ruling regarding money, financial contributions and Free Speech!

You see, imposing restrictions on how much money corporations, unions and other special interest groups can spend is, in the supreme courts opinion, restricting free speech.

So, in order to maximize political muscle, stay out of office!

Power to the people! Power to the Corporations! Power to the special interests!

Now, there is no limit to Teds, or anyone else for that matter, ability to influence and promote his values upon the political landscape and all in the name of Free Speech!

You don't need votes, or elections. All you need is money.

So Ted, keep playing Rock'n'Roll, turn up the amps, let your voice be heard and get those contributions flowing!

Rock On!


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