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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

With upwards of 6 - 10 inches of rain forecasted, all I can say is at least this isn't snow!

We'd have yet another blizzard on our hands.

Trust me, that picture is a live (as of 5:30 am EST) picture of the Maryland, DC, Virginia radar.

We are under there somewhere....


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

White Collar Boxing

The other day I saw a photo slide show from the Washington Post about White Collar Boxing.

Because it was basically a captioned photo slide show, it really did nothing more than make me go
"hmmm, that is interesting..."
"I would never think about getting into a boxing ring for a workout and risk potential serious injury".
"Isn't this sport on the way out?"
"after all, all the talk now-a-days is about concussions and head injuries."

If some groups are talking about shutting down junior athletic leagues because of risk of injury, wouldn't something like this be a legal and insurance nightmare?

But, the slide show did say that typical routines include core work, running, rope-jumping and hitting light and heavy bags. They don't lift weights, but it is a total, complete workout.

OK so this struck a familiar cord with me. When I was a kid, my dad had a punching bag and a large workout bag in the basement and it was a whole lot a fun to go down there and put on a pair of practice gloves and punch the 'ol bags. So I can see the fun and value in this type of workout and exercise routine.

However, the slide show also mentioned a local club that has all the usual gym equipment: elliptical machines, weights, a mirrored studio; But in the middle of the large room is an Olympic-sized boxing ring, and there are plans to add a mixed martial arts cage.

Like anything else that involves clubs, membership fees, and organized activities, questions regarding safety, there is always more than meets the eye.

So, I did a little bit of research.

Starting with Wikipedia:

White Collar Boxing is a form of boxing where men and women in white collar professions train to fight at special events. Most have no previous experience of boxing. The sport started in the 1990’s.
In 2007 the World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA) was formed in London with the aim of regulation and promotion of the sport throughout the world. The WWCBA provides a common platform in the form of rules and guidelines allowing boxers to become ranked nationally, regionally and globally and to contest for championship titles.
In 2008 the WWCBA sanctioned 9 events throughout the world.
In April 2009, the largest White Collar Boxing event in the world took place at Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre according to a BBC report. Staged by Vanda Promotions it saw over 900 people attend the black-tie event and 7 bouts to decision on the night.[8] The article also cited completed events in Hong Kong and further events in Hong Kong and Singapore.

More information about the WWCBA can be found here:

But, back to my original couple of thoughts like "dangerous" and "legal" . . .

In a 2004 article, Out Of The Office, Into The Ring, the author talks about how this sport has basically saved the vintage boxing rings and clubs like Gleasons in NY.

The ranks of white-collar pugs have swelled so much that at the storied Gleason's Gym -- a decidedly blue-collar boxing redoubt in Brooklyn, N.Y. -- they now account for 65% of the membership. That's up from just 10% in the early 1990s. And in London, the Real Fight Club has signed up more than 2,600 City professionals at local gyms in the past four years. At the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, 70% of the members are white-collar boxers. "They pay the rent," says Freddie Roach, who runs the club.

In fact, without the influx of hobbyists, many of the old-style boxing gyms would be down for the count. As fans and local bouts have dwindled and boxing has become a tougher way to make a buck, gym memberships have declined as well, so folks such as Oden and Smith are filling the gap. "White-collar boxers have been the salvation of Gleason's Gym," says owner Bruce Silverglade.

In a 2005 article from the UK, another author writes about the dangers of the sport.

White-collar boxers 'are risking injury or death'

In this boxing revival, men in their forties and fifties - when the brain is at great risk of hemorrhage - are stepping into the ring.

Dr Chris Allen is a neurologist based at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. "I've seen the brain of a boxer," he said. "It isn't a pretty sight. If these white-collar competitors could see the damage that they are potentially inflicting on themselves, they'd certainly think again."

Dr Allen, previously the clinical dean at Cambridge University, offered stark advice to those tempted into the ring. "If you're keen on your brain functioning when you're 55, don't box," he said. "The dangers increase for those in middle age. Reactions are slower, so more punches are taken, and the brain is more susceptible to damage and bruising." The brain also begins to "dry out" at the age of 30, making its impact with the skull more severe.

And in a 2007 article, some of the money aspects of the sport is mentioned which lead me to wonder if this type of "fighting" could have a black market to it?

White collar boxing is getting more attention these days, and Dumbo’s Gleason Gym, the famous boxing club has been in the news again. In Thursday’s USA Today, an article shows why baby boomers are taking up the sport.
“None of this is news to Bruce Silverglade, owner of Gleason’s Gym, the storied joint that embraced the likes of Jake LaMotta, not to mention Robert De Niro when he was transforming into LaMotta for Raging Bull or Hilary Swank during her Oscar-winning turn as Million Dollar Baby’s ill-fated fighter.
For the past 17 years, Silverglade has organized white-collar boxing bouts at his club, but more recently, he has been packing them in for $1,600 weekend fantasy camps. Boomers fly in from around the globe to, for a wink, live the life of a pugilist on the verge of a big prize.”
For most, the draw lies in the authenticity of the physical conditioning routine. At a boxing gym, a real trainer will not only get you into shape but show you the techniques of boxing. Gleason’s has a long history of training world champions such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Jake La Motta “The Raging Bull”, Roy Jones, Ray Leonard, Juan Laporte, and George Forman…a total of 129 world champions. But anyone can join for $80 per month.

And finally a 2010 article about the above mentioned club and boxing events and the whole legalality issue. . .

White-collar boxing had officially been banned. But that didn't stop Silverglade, who became obsessed with trying to revive his franchise. He met with Gov. Paterson and persuaded elected officials to sponsor a bill to legalize the events. The proposal was approved by the State Senate in 2006 but later stalled in the Assembly.

Then, last year, Silverglade brokered a deal to allow USA Boxing-Metro to sanction white-collar boxing on a trial basis as an amateur sport.

Silverglade, and other gym owners in New York, are awaiting confirmation from an insurance company to underwrite the venture before it can get started on doing shows, Auclair said.

When he finally stages a white-collar show, possibly before the end of the year, and observes the fruits of his hard work - a doctor belting an accountant - how will he feel?

"I'll get a lot of satisfaction," he said over the phone. "I have a lot of pride having started this 20 years ago. Now, to be able to do it again is great."

And one of the longest running smokers will finally be legalized.

So, where does this leave me and the sport of White Collar Boxing?

Well, for me, I think I will stick to the low impact world of Wii Fit and the use of other traditional equipment like weights and pull up bars. This along with other stuff like running, biking, and swimming are probably the riskiest things I will ever do. I know, boring, but true.

As for the sport? I leave it to promoters and the courts to battle it out.

I'm sure that it will become another "reality" TV series or some sports entertainment show like the MMA or WWE stuff has and we can all pay to watch it in all it's gory detail on our HD and 3D wide screens.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Just a Fantasy

This past Sunday, my wife caught me bursting out loud into cheers when Anquan Boldin caught his third touchdown pass for the Baltimore Ravens.

She thought my behavior quite odd since I have always been a die-hard Redskins Fan. Was I switching loyalties? Becoming a fair weather fan?

No, I had Anquan on both my fantasy teams this week and knew I was kicking butt!

First: In my League of Experts, I am tied in the division with Team Vikings and many of my players are doing just fine, even Frank Gore; who is on the dreadful “last in lowly division” 9rs (who da thunk that?) is doing quite well.

Interestingly, we both drafted RB, QB, RB in the auto-pick.

Guess great minds think alike. Too bad he has to lose this coming week . . . ;-)

Secondly: In my Borderless league, my Fun Bunch is undefeated!


top score this past week


overall point leader for the season so far!

Woo Whoo!

One thing that has struck me about this team is that each week I have had a different player step up and score some really big points. First there was Hakeem Nicks, then Jahvid Best, then this past week Anquan Boldin

So yes, I am bragging about my genius luck.

Yes, even though the Redskins stunk big time this week, I am in a good football mood.

And yes, sometimes a fantasy is all you need !


Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Official

Stink bugs have taken over!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making a Pass

Considering some of the "allegations" of the Ines Sainz fiasco, I love this commercial.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Michael Vick is not the only one who has gotten a second chance

Happy ending for most of Vick’s dogs

Michael Vick spent 21 months in federal prison, lost a $100 million contract and became a national pariah for his role in a vicious interstate dogfighting ring.

Vick paid his debt to society, he’d no doubt gets a second chance by starting yet again this week.

But what of Michael Vick’s dogs?

It turns out there’s a redemption story there as well. A writer for Sports Illustrated details this story in the just-released book “The Lost Dogs”.

Of the 51 dogs authorities recovered on Vick’s property in rural Virginia, 22 of which went to Best Friends animal sanctuary in Utah.

It’s a book that’s equal parts horrifying and hopeful. And while every person and dog involved would’ve been better served if Bad Newz Kennels never existed, there are plenty of positives coming out of a story that at first seemed to contain only misery.

Forty-seven of the 51 dogs survived. While not all have fully rehabbed, a good number of them live with families; four even work in therapy roles.

If it wasn’t for the high-profile nature of the Vick case and the quarterback’s ability to pay for their postrescue care (Vick reportedly spent a court-mandated $1 million on it), each of the dogs would’ve been destroyed. Dogs which came from fighting busts had previously been considered so far gone that trying to retrain them would take a disproportionate amount of already limited resources.

Ninety percent of the time, they would’ve been put down. Even PETA and the Humane Society recommended it.

The public outcry over the Vick dogs helped change that. An attempt was made to retrain them, and the success rate was so high that the Humane Society changed its official policy.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun Strip Fridays - Email

OK, so yes this is a sports and stocks blog but a friend of mine sent me one of those viral picture emails with cute and funny animal captions and I just felt the urge to share. And I actually found one that kind of relates to money at the end.

So, Enjoy.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Da Thunk It

That we would have to deal with a sudden and unexpected death in the NFL after the second week. Thoughts and prayers to both the Mckinley family and the Denver Broncos.

Tampa Bay and Kansas City would be winning their divisions with a perfect 2 – 0 record.

That Carolina would be reduced to pinning their hopes on the Rookie Clausen by week 3.

Cutler leads the NFL in QB ratings!

Arian Foster 1st and Darren McFadden 2nd, lead AP who is 3rd and CJ2k who is 5th in rushing yards.

Da Boys AND the Purple Eaters are both 0-2 ! And Possibly going to 0 – 3 !
Cowboys vs Texans – I’ll take the Texans
Vikings vs the best 0 – 2 team (that really should be 2 – 0) Lions


Donovan could throw a 400 yard game and Galloway could still get behind the secondary. Who knew?

That last pass (the one that just missed) was 70 yards in the air! Gee, he only had to throw it 69 ½ yards… Great play calling on that one by the way!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 - 6 - 7

Those are the rounds my top fantasy players were picked during my Borderless League Draft.

Round 5 - Jahvid Best
Round 6 - Matt Ryan
Round 7 - Hakeem Nicks

Thanks to these guys, I am 2 - 0 in that league!

At this rate, I just might have a real difficult decision to make next year regarding a keeper.

My only regret, disappointment, frustration at being pissed off a loser beaten out for top dog (weekly high score) by Brett Favre's Return (and no, that old man is not on that team). Tommy beat me out in the draft and picked Matt Schaub ahead of me. I lost top dog award by 5 stinking points! Oh well, at least I was not matched up against him this week.

In my Fumbled Returns League of Experts I managed to improve to 1 -1; thanks to my two top picks Aaron Rogers and Frank Gore finally deciding to show up and rock and roll some points.

Hopefully this trend can continue.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kids Today

When I was growing up, lots of kids had nicknames and lots of kids had idols.
It gives you an identity, an ideal, a role model to emulate.

It can even be a way of trash talking and taunting in a clever sort of way or even describing your style.

I understand this.

There were your "Dukes", "Mean Joes", your "Hogs".

Now, we have a kid on my sons Junior Falcons team whos nickname is Katy.


Because he dances around on the field singing "You think I'm pretty without any make-up on"

I have to admit that it is kinda funny seeing someone in full football gear dancing around singing this in between plays. Especially since he is one of the smallest, yet fastest players on the team, and nobody can catch him.

I just wish he had a different role model...


Friday, September 17, 2010


Thursday was the date for our annual Youth Football Golf Tournament. You might remember last year my team took home the prize for highest score and last place! Last year we had a packed tournament with lots of teams. And even though we came in last place, we all had great fun.

This year, perhaps a sign of the times and the economy, there were only 8 teams. The low turnout was certainly not because of the weather. It was a delightfully cool sunny morning and just about the time it was starting to get hot, a cool front started approaching from the west and kept the skys cloudy. We finished the tournament in 4th place and 2 hours ahead of the approaching rain.

Golf wise, it was a bit frustrating, we had a bunch of real birdie opportunities but did not make any until well into the back 9. If we had, we probably could have been contenders for the top one or two spots. But, we had fun; and like they say, a bad day golfing sure beats a good day at the office.

As it so happened, the low turnout increased our chances in the raffles. My buddy James got a new Nike adjustable 5 wood, Steve got a cap and t-shirt, and I got 4 free rounds at Stoneleigh Golf Course.

I’ve never been there and can’t wait to try it out. Steve says it is a great course, loads of hills, lots of fun, has more blind shots than any course he has ever been on and requires good shot placement. Great, guess I should order that extra-large bag of bright orange golf balls early . . .

Now all I have to do is decide on when to go and who to bring along? But I have plenty of time, the certificate does not expire until December 2011.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

By The Numbers

Totally unrelated to Fumbled Returns but here are my annual physical numbers now and 30 + months ago, since I took my diet and health resolutions:

Yes, I did say annual and 30 months...


Age: 45
Height: 6-1
Weight: 230 lbs
BP Range: 130-140 over 85-95
Glucose: 80 (but tolerance test indicated hypoglycemic or is it hyper? It is the one when it keeps dropping instead of leveling off)
Cholesterol: 230
Triglycerides: 150
LDL: 130
HDL: 60


Age: 48
Still 6-1
Weight: 190 lbs (I actually did get down to 180 but wine and yogurt deserts have not helped lately)
BP Range: 120-130 over 70-90
Glucose: 76 (no tolerance test this time - I swore I'd never take another one again)
Cholesterol: 190
Triglycerides: 67
LDL: 108
HDL: 62

And yes there are a whole bunch of other numbers associated with my blood work but all those were always in the normal ranges. The ones I wrote above are the only ones worth mentioning.

My doc is probably 10 years younger than me and he says my numbers are better than his. I don't believe him but I'll take the complement.

He actually started going through a whole laundry list of generalized symptoms looking for something that was wrong. He even asked me even if I wanted something to help with possible allergy sinus headaches (which I almost never get).

Last time, because of my not so good numbers, he threatened me with statins and the possibility of diabetes and blood pressure medication.

This time he had nothin.

I almost feel sorry for him.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What a wild week of football to kick off the season. First week and we already have our first handcuff play at running back.

Of course I am talking about Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson of the Green Bay Packers. Believe it or not, in my Borderless League Brandon Jackson is, for the moment, still available. In the first annual Fumbled Returns League of Experts, he is already off the board. But back to the Borderless League...

Ricks team was is the lucky recipient of the week one handcuff conundrum. He had has Ryan Grant, and in an incredible twist of fate and luck, there is only one thing standing in his way from being able to pick up Jackson off of waivers.

No, it is not me, though as commish I could pull some strings, but I would never do that. No, the only thing standing in Ricks way is the person who is first on the waiver order list. Rick, is second and the one thing about Rick is that he is, has been and always will be the most active person in the league playing the waivers.

I can’t argue with him, he has won the championship once and has consistently been in the playoffs, but because he is such a big spender, (we charge a dollar for each add and a dollar for each drop), often he has to win just to break even.

This year I decided to try my hand at playing the handcuff game strategy but as of yet, it is still early, it has not paid off. There are two ways to play this strategy. One is to backup your top back(s) with the handcuff. The other way is to play spoiler and pick the handcuff to somebody elses top back.

I chose the latter. I have Anthony Dixon (Frank Gore), and Javon Ringer (Chris Johnson). I had thought of Chester Taylor (Matt Forte) but he was long gone by the time the late round pickings occurred in the draft so I went another route.

Of course this strategy is very hit or miss, since one never knows who or when or even if it will ever happen but hey, that is why we play the game.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Shorts


I think the NFL should treat everyone the same and ban ALL reporters from the locker room.


Leave press interviews and questions to media events and press rooms.


Detroit Coach on "the call". . . " The day I start blaming a loss on the officials, on one one call, is the day I get out of this business."

BTW: This interview and statement was conducted in the press room.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Holding on

I'd like to personally thank both the Redskins and Cowboys for proving you do not have to play football well for it to be good and entertaining!

And maybe next time Calvin will not be so quick to celebrate! Even though, two hands, two feet, a butt and the other hand all said it was a completed catch, you still have to get back up off the ground with it.

At least the folks with the Titans know all about how to make a catch and keep possession!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Dallas


Saturday, September 11, 2010

One of the strongest memories I have of this day is actually from the morning of 9/12.

My daughter who was 3 saw the news replaying the events from the day before and she cried out "Oh no, not again".

Lets hope she is always right.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Here is my Solution

You know, football is filled with political references.
There are your right wingers, your left wingers, even people who just want to be center.

With the impending NFL lockout next year and the possibility of the NFL shutting down. (BTW - I do not see it happening) but lets just go with this no nfl possibility, we should organize all these religious / political groups and organizations into teams.

Give them all helmets and pads and let them have at it on the football field for 60 minutes.

You can't tell me that nobody on any of these teams is good at scheming and coming up with ways to get the other guy. And believe me, you would have more than enough different religious / political teams to populate a whole league.

You could even get the atheists involved. They could be the referees.

Anyway after the game is over everyone would shake hands and congratulate each other and go back to their regular lives for the week and come back again the following weekend to do it all over again.

You could sell tickets, bump up the price of concession stands, sell commercial and video rights, even have betting pools on the side. All profits would go to a lets just all get along fund.

I bet we could make enough money to build whatever community / mosque or Greek orthodox building we wanted to at or near ground zero.

Now for a name...


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Comeback !

I read an article that stated Cotton prices have nearly doubled this year.

Cotton is hitting a near 15-year high following a chain of events among major Asian cotton producers that has choked off global supply.

First, a drought in China, the world's largest cotton producer and consumer, damaged crops there and forced the nation to ramp up cotton imports to make up for the shortfall.

Meanwhile, the world's second-biggest cotton producer, India, restricted its exports to protect domestic supplies and prices.

At the same time, Pakistan, another major cotton producer, was hit by devastating floods, further exacerbating the cotton shortage and boosting raw cotton prices even higher.

Typically there's a four to six month lag time in the order-to-production cycle.

Therefore, the most recent jump in cotton prices will be factored into merchandise hitting stores after Christmas.

So come January, besides paying more for cotton wear, there may be one more side effect for consumers - the comeback of polyester !!!.

Now, where did I put all my Saturday night disco clothes and bell bottoms . . .


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hocus pocus

It seems every year I either read or hear about something in sports that athletes, teams, or coaches try to do or use in order to gain an advantage.

This year is no different. In fact, I have heard of two such ideas. One such craze is the wearing of magnetic bracelet.

It seems the latest craze to hit the professional sports scene are these magnetic bracelets and necklaces which are supposed to have healing and performance enhancement characteristics.

I hate to burst the medical bubble on this one but HOGWASH. This is just stupid.

The second such crazy idea is more technology based and is meant to take the guess work out of officiating.

Microchips in footballs. Supposedly somebody had the idea that these microchips could be used to signal a goal or first down or proper placement on the field.

Again, I hate to burst this bubble, but DOUBLE HOGWASH!

I propose that if you really want to improve the sport, we combine the two!

Magnetic gloves worn by athletes and thin metallic threads woven into the football. The combination of the two would help alleviate a common malady in all sports.

Dropping the ball.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Trading List

This month I am trying something a bit new with my watch lists.

As a result of my various stock screens, I usually end up with anywhere between 40 and 80 potential stocks each month. From this list I can usually go through and pick out the final twenty that I want to have on my starting lineup and bench lists.

Well this month I had a real hard time deciding on my bench so I took an idea out of the NFL rule book and added a Practice Squad.

This month there is a diverse list of potential stocks to choose from ranging from Pink Slips to Large mega-billion dollar companies, from bio-pharms to retail to tech to industrials.

Each has different reasons to consider buying.

Starting lineup

MSFT Microsoft Corp
- Always a good buy when low and with a natural, but economic delayed, refresh cycle coming up of all their corporate OS and Apps is looking especially attractive.

DELL Dell Inc
- A beaten down tech company trying to rebuild and just might be turning the corning in time to catch an uptick in spending.

BKE Buckle, Inc. (The)
- There are a couple retailers on my lists and this is one which was just recently upgraded and showing good momentum.

FUQI Fuqi International, Inc.
- This company has always made it through my filters and screens and I usually do not pick it because of personal choice to avoid gold and precious metal stocks. However this one is now in a good potential reversal “W” pattern and officially meets one of the Fumbled Returns stock picking strategies. So here it is making its grand debut.

GFRE Gulf Resources, Inc.
- This one appears to be in a good horizontal trading pattern which would be good for those of you who like to buy and sell on the dips and peaks. Buy below 8.5 and sell close to or above 9.5

HITK Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.
- This is a risky play because they are reporting Wednesday and definitely has the potential to not surprise analysts. However, it does appear to be in the bottom part of a cup and handle pattern and is worth a watch for a reversal trend upwards.

- Another possible “cup” pattern with a little upside potential with a big name brand Pharm company.

JKS JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd
- This, as well as the following two, show really good strength and momentum in price, volume and ownership.


AMRN Amarin Corp Plc


VHC VirnetX Holding Corp
- Recent patent lawsuit settlement and rumors of possible buyouts has fueled the stock. Patents are always a good thing and larger cash rich companies could view buying them out as a cheaper alternative to legal fees and settlement charges.

ARO Aeropostale Inc
- Another well known and liked (I have teenagers) name brand always well positioned to not only ride out a bad economy but to also recover well once spending has started. And just in case you have not noticed, school is back in session and teenagers never want to show up in last years fashions.

ASYS Amtech Systems Inc
- This is another company with monthly volume and ownership rising.

BPI Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
- The Feds just released a report which showed which “for profit” educational companies could meet their financial reform guidelines. Only four came through with flying colors. This is one of them and its stock is on the rise.

BZ Boise Inc Boise Inc.
- This company does not specifically meet any pattern or trend rule of mine but rather a good growth prospect at a good value.

- Another good retail company that refuses to lose money even during a recession. And investors are rewarding them.

EBAY eBay Inc
- Another first for me listing. This stock is down but the company certainly is not out. With the economy being bad and school, holidays and par, folks are looking for bargains, and

HRS Harris
- A federal contractor whose stock also seems to be in a possible “w” reversal pattern.

- This is another company not in any particular pattern but definitely well positioned to benefit from any uptick in tech spending. Good growth potential at a good price value.

MRVL Marvell Technology Group Ltd
- It has been a while since this company has made the list and it has bounced up nicely recently and is now in a potential breakout pattern pushing up against a resistance level.

Practice Squad

- A good retail tech company which happens to be at a peak instead of a low. Look to buy at 23.

ISH International Shipholding Corp
- Another potential good growth prospect at a value.

NSR NeuStar Inc
- Good contrarian market play potential here with a well run company

POWL Powell Industries, Inc.
- Growth and Value

PPG PPG Industries Inc
- A large long term investment – not really a great fit for my fumbled criteria.

PTEC Phoenix Technologies Ltd
- This is a company that was bought up – or at least accepted an offer. Usually I write these off the list but recent rumors and interest from other potential buyers may fuel a bidding war.

SCL Stepan Company
- Another growth for value play with a good company

SNDK SanDisk Corp
- This was on a previous list and now makes an interesting contrarian play with a good well run company.

AVARF Avalon Rare Metals Inc
- I usually avoid pink slip stocks but this and the following one are showing really good strength and momentum with up-ticks in ownership and volume.

FRMSF First Majestic Silver Corp


Friday, September 3, 2010

Restoring Football

We can start the heart of America again.

And it has nothing to do with politics.

It has everything to do with Sports, Football and the American Way.

Turn back to the values and the principles that make Football and America great.

Discipline, Perseverance, Goal Setting, The thrill of Victory and Achieving those goals.

Throw in a healthy dose of truth, knowing the rules, justice, the value of a good plan, a good work ethic, leadership, vision, Teamwork and finding something worth fighting for and defending. And you have all the ingredients for success!

But do not let it end here.

When we go back to our homes, our families, take these values and remember them .

Remember you have a choice.

Starting today we have a choice. Watch dancing with the stars or watching football.

And starting today we choose Football!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

GrandPa Hogette

From the DC Sports Bog:

Ralph Campbell -- who died last week at the age of 73 -- was one of the 11 original Hogettes. He was known as GrandPa.

For most of the past 27 years, being a Hogette was a huge part of Campbell's life -- he went to two Super Bowls, conducted the National Symphony, rode an elephant down Pennsylvania Avenue, and appeared in a Visa commercial.

The Navy veteran, who served in Vietnam, actually arrived in the D.C. area early in the Gibbs Era as a Cowboys fan, due to Roger Staubach's Naval connections. He was on the path to conversion when the Hogettes began, and that completed the trick.

Lori Cole, Campbell's youngest daughter recalls "All of our friends made fun of us . . .but later as we got older, we got to see all the events he did. We went to Joe Gibbs stuff, went to Gary Clark stuff, we actually saw the good in it, and then it got to be ok."

Campbell will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery next month, wearing a Redskins tie. He's the first original Hogette to pass away.

His daughter said that he was also an avid sailor, and a devoted father and grandfather, and a 27-year Navy man, but she said it was fine for him to be memorialized as a Redskins fan in a dress, tying balloons for kids and making silly puns and boasting about his yellow dress.

He would love to be remembered [that way], his daughter said, and we would love for him to be remembered for all the good he did.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Captionless Wednesday

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