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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hocus pocus

It seems every year I either read or hear about something in sports that athletes, teams, or coaches try to do or use in order to gain an advantage.

This year is no different. In fact, I have heard of two such ideas. One such craze is the wearing of magnetic bracelet.

It seems the latest craze to hit the professional sports scene are these magnetic bracelets and necklaces which are supposed to have healing and performance enhancement characteristics.

I hate to burst the medical bubble on this one but HOGWASH. This is just stupid.

The second such crazy idea is more technology based and is meant to take the guess work out of officiating.

Microchips in footballs. Supposedly somebody had the idea that these microchips could be used to signal a goal or first down or proper placement on the field.

Again, I hate to burst this bubble, but DOUBLE HOGWASH!

I propose that if you really want to improve the sport, we combine the two!

Magnetic gloves worn by athletes and thin metallic threads woven into the football. The combination of the two would help alleviate a common malady in all sports.

Dropping the ball.


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