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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unintended Consequences...

So I picked the Lions to beat up on my Skins last week and they did.

That has set off a fury of chats, flames, and hate mail and most importantly for Dan Snyder, fan and media attention.

You see, this all translates into money for him, which makes him more successful and therefore HE WILL NOT CHANGE !!!

Fans care, at least the ones who make noise do.
Good or Bad they let their voices be heard. That is part of what makes this sport so much fun.

But, recently I have noticed that there have been unintended consequences to this momentous event.

Lack of an identity! Both within team members and with some of the fan base.

Take this picture for instance....

This boy is totally without focus!
He is utterly confused and no longer has a firm grasp of his FAN IDENTITY!

So in an effort to right a wrong, I will root for and pick the Skins to win this week. If for no other reason than to establish order to the young and impressionable fans of tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

48 hours

Saturday - Sunday

Youth Football: Mark catches his first pass !!! And just to clarify, it is the first time one was thrown to him this season. He also recovered a fumble and had a couple good tackles as well! Congratulations!

And no, this is not Mark...and no I don't have any pictures of this tremendous feat!

Automobile(s): My oldest son Eric says that the guardrail came out of nowhere, did not stop in time and acted like it was moving on ice.... Oh wait, that was him in his car! Everyone is OK, but the right front panel, bumper, and light assembly kinda looks like this....

Sunday - Monday

First, I'd like to thank the weather channel for taking special note of our scheduled Golf Tournament on Monday to benefit said Youth Football League...

It did not rain at all but as I am about to tell you... It was Windy!!!

See this picture?

This is what the 4th hole looks like on a beautifully calm day!
Monday, the trees were swirling around and the the lake was FULL of white caps from the constant 20+ mile per hour winds.

Add to that the nearly 2 inches of rain we received between Friday and Sunday and; well, the course was prime for this...

Again, my shot was much more impressive in that the whole ball was completely cratered into the fairway and you could barely see it. I, nor my buddies, have never spent so much time looking for a fairway shot. And again, I really need to get a phone with a camera... Oh, wait, my work will not allow one...

But anyway...

A bad ANY day of golf beats ... well just about anything.. ;-)

We actually had loads of fun and the course was in really good shape. We even won prizes!!! Over all we were 2 under par and came in last place!!!

IF we had done better, we would not have won anything!!! ;-)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Washington Provides Hardship Relief...

As part of President Obama's economic stimulus plan, the Washington Redskins went to one of the most put down and out places in the United States; Detroit, and provided a well rounded dose of generosity which made the whole state of Michigan feel, well, much better and they actually cheered!!!

Also, on the bright side, Campbell scored 28 points for my fantasy league...
And now all my Michigan friends like the Redskins...


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Redskin Rap


Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Strip Friday

Courtesy Girls and Sports


Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Crystal Ball here...

It's more like cheap plastic...

So, I've signed up for this Peter King Challenge thingy on the web and I am sorry to say, I'm no better than him or anybody else out there.
And... there are plenty of folks a lot better at picking than me - just none of them are the highly over paid commentator / experts (such as Mr. King)...

But I knew that already...

So far I am 21-11 after two weeks.

So, who do I pick for week three?

Redskins at Lions = LIONS
OK guys, I'm laying it down now!! I'm smacking my Skins and challenging them to prove me wrong. Only problem is we love to give winless teams their first, and often only, win for the season...

Packers at Rams = Packers
Too much talent at running and passing game and defense, OK Too Much Talent Period for the Rams to handle...

49ers at Vikings = The 9rs
Pick subject to change... I actually am going back and forth on this one all the time (I really like the 9rs this year) Sorry Sam...

Falcons at Patriots = Falcons
Watch out Pats, here comes the flood!

Titans at Jets = Titans
Me thinks the Titans are tired of loosing and the Jets are flying a bit too high after such a big game...

Chiefs at Eagles = Eagles
As much as I love to root against other NFC East teams, I just can't seem to justify it this week, even with Donovan most likely out...

Giants at Bucs = Giants

Browns at Ravens = Ravens
At this rate, maybe the Ravens will become my new home team...

Jags at Texans = Texans
Hmmm I hate trying to call games like this but overall I think the Texans should be the better...

Aints at Bills = Aints
I think this will be closer than folks think but the Brees is mighty strong lately...

Bears at Seahawks = Bears
Especially if Hasselhoff is out this week... Which reminds me, maybe I should look at benching T.J.

Steelers at Bengals = Bengals
Bengals can't be unlucky all season and I really love dumping on all my misguided buddies from PA...

Broncos at Raiders = Raiders
Unless of course the Broncos have been perfecting that tip ball play... which so far is the highlight play of the year for them...

Dolphins at Chargers = Chargers
The rumors about Ray Lewis being traded to Miami so that he can play against the bolts again are completely false!

Colts at Cardinals = Cardinals
It's time for the Cardiac Cards to start playing again or else their season will be dead... Besides, the Colts defense is not all that great.

Panthers at Cowboys = Cowboys
You know, if the Panthers win Great, but Jerry will not like loosing twice in a row, especially in his brand new house...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live by the Gore, Die by the Gore...

This week I won one fantasy league game and lost another due to Frank Gore having a monster day!

Oh well, 2 out of 3 for the second week in a row isn't all that bad.

I am actually more upset with the Redskins failing to score any touchdowns than I am happy they won. If Campbell had connected with both TD pass attempts (translation - if the receivers had just caught the #$@! ball) and Portis had managed to get the ball to Cooley, I would have had 3 TD's and gone 3 for 3!

Oh and for those of you who think it is going to be any better this week against the Lions, I hate to disappoint you. You see, a very psychic friend of mine had a premonition....

After taking a commanding 3-0 lead into the locker-room at the half, the skins will then proceed to “run-up” the score on the Lions and by the end of the 3rd quarter lead 6-0, on an off the left upright 29 yard field goal by the “Swissham”. Everything is going the Skins way, but then midway through the 4th quarter, Detroit mounts a furious rally after a Santana Moss fumble and unleashes an offensive attack that includes two 17 yard passes to Calvin Johnson, who makes DeAngelo Hall look Pac-Man Jones… then while on Washington’s 3 yard line, a trick play! A half-back option! No one saw that play coming (I know I didn’t)… The Lions come all the way back from what seemed to be an insurmountable 6-0 deficit to take the lead in this offensive barnburner. All seems loss for the Redskins, who after driving 43 yards to midfield have to punt. But the Lions returner fair catches the ball at the 3 yard line with 1:37 remaining. After being in victory formation and kneeling on 2 successive plays, the Redskins call their final timeout. There’s :32 ticks left and the Lions are destined to win their 1st game in 20 tries, all the Lions have to do is kneel down one last time, but wait?!? Stafford doesn’t kneel, he is so excited that he celebrates too early… what is he doing?!? With the ball high over his head, he takes a “Cal Ripken” like trot through the endzone and he gets crushed by Albert Haynesworth causing him to fumble the ball!!! There’s a mad scramble in the endzone, no one can grab the ball… and the OT Jon Jansen kicks it out of the back of the endzone, for a safety! The Redskins win, the Redskins win…8 to 7! A thrilling contest, one for the ages, to be sure. In his post game comments, Zorn says that he’s pleased with the progress of the offense and promises the fans to expect more of the same for as long as he is the head coach… He also says that there will not be any changes to the QB or to his play calling…..

Oh! So you don’t think that this could happen? OK, then you guys tell me, how will it all go down?
Thanks to Tommy for supplying great material for my blog... Not so much for owning Gore and beating me this week... ;-)

Me, I say the Lions score at least 17 points and the Deadskins ... oh, about 12.

I hope they prove me wrong.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Says You...

I am way way WAY to competitive...

My Predictions...

CAR @ ATL - Hurray :-)

STL @ WAS - Hurray :-)

HOU @ TEN - Ooops :-(

NO @ PHI - Hurray :-)

NE @ NYJ - Ooops :-(

OAK @ KC - Hurray :-)

@ DET - Hurray :-)

ARI @ JAC - Hurray :-)

CIN @ GB - Ooops :-(

TB @ BUF - Hurray :-)

SEA @ SF - Hurray :-)

PIT @ CHI - Ooops :-(

CLE @ DEN - Ooops :-(

BAL @ SD - Hurray :-)

NYG @ DAL - Ooops :-(

Mon, Sep 21

IND @ MIA - Hurray :-)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

As many of you are aware, during the preseason, and even the regular season, Heck during just about any time of the year; one can be asked "so, who is your favorite football player?"

Now today is one of those special days, at least in my particular view of sports history, for one of the more special running backs in NFL history.

My selection for favorite football player always flip flops between Sonny Jurgensen and the running back I am about to mention. Probably because these two players, on my favorite hometown team, where two of the first players to make me go "Wow" as a kid.

So, now I have narrowed it down to quite a bit.
The person I am talking about is:
A Running Back.
Was Born September 19th.
Played for the Washington Redskins.

Any Guesses?

Lawrence "Larry" Brown, Jr. (born September 19, 1947 in Clairton, Pennsylvania).

He was the first back I saw who seemed to literally run through or over defenders, sometimes hurdling players (in a single bound) and was known for his tenacity and reckless abandon for the game.

Yes, there are other, perhaps more famous running backs who did the same things he did, but he was the first I saw and can remember. In fact, to this day, I remember the Philly game, and the play, that he went over 1000 yards for the year.

Back then, truly remarkable!

Here are some videos of him from YouTube...


Friday, September 18, 2009

Status Update...

Seems a robber is well connected on the internet, except... HE FORGOT TO LOG OFF!!!



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Even a bad day is good

You know the old saying that a bad day (fill in the blank) is better than a good day at the office.

I happened to take a look at the site for the upcoming weekend weather and noticed that they have an option for giving various "conditions" based on the weather forecast.

Well, it seems that when it comes to golf, there is no such thing as a bad day.
Even when there is a chance of getting struck by lightning and a forecast of rain and thunderstorms!!!

I mention this only because I was looking to get in some practice this weekend in preparation for our upcoming charity golf tournament at the end of the month.

I have not even touched my clubs in a long time and do not want to embarrass myself too much.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Your Game On!

OK, so I got it in my head to do more "fan" support for my favorite NFL football team.

But I wanted to do it in a non abusive, non over the top, but subtle - classy way.

So, that ruled out all the Redskin Lingerie and underwear.

Sorry folks, no pictures of that on this blog...

So what did I come up with?

This! A really cool case/holder for my blackberry 8830!

It is something I carry around with me almost constantly.
Is definitely seen in public.
Yet, is none obtrusive, functional and lets everyone know who my favorite team is.

I found it on .
This site intrigued me not only because they had such a large selection of accessories, they (in my quest to find NFL related stuff) had tons of cases for cell phones, ipods, and pagers as well; all at good prices.

The other thing that appealed to me about this site is the fact that they have a "green" contest going on.
Sign up to one of their social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube).
Post a picture of you being green in a socially and environmentally conscience sort of way.
Submit it to them and you are entered into a monthly drawing for free stuff.

Totally cool!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missed it by that much

Four tenths of a point.

That is how much I missed going 3 for 3 this week.

I have all my teams results listed below my blog posts.

I'm still getting used to the other leagues rules, like passes caught, passes completed, fractions of points... etc...etc...

I hated fractions in school, and it seems I still do... ;-)

But no complaints from me. It is going to be an exciting and great year ahead for football!


Monday, September 14, 2009


If the NFL had a penalty for missed tackles, the Redskins would be in the Hudson River.

But the NFL does not, simply because, if you don't tackle - you don't win.
Sadly the Redskins didn't do this well.

Trickery doesn't win games. Execution and controlling the ball does.
Sadly, the Redskins seemed to do this (trickery) more than number 1.

I applaud the Redskins for leading by example, I just wish it were winning examples.

But on the bright side, Cooley had a great game and scored a TD for my Fantasy League and I stand a decent chance of winning not only my match up but top score as well.

After all, when is it comes to football, that is what matters most. Your fantasy football league team.

Right? !!!

In fact, I've had several folks ask me that already!!!

"How are you doing?" they ask.

And I smile and say just fine, thank you.



Friday, September 11, 2009

What's in a Name?

As some of you may know, we have a retired greyhound named Hero.
His racing name was Star All Star.

Many of our retired racing greyhound friends on the Internet have video footage of their greyhounds. This is pretty cool.

Of course sometimes one or two of the dogs have very strange and slightly suspect names.

Well, to cut a long story short, the discussion about a greyhound named Sweaty Betty reminded someone of a horse race with a horse name Hoof Hearted.

Now, this, by itself seems to be a perfectly reasonable name, even slightly regal; until one starts to say this out loud and quickly during a race.

Please click below to witness (and hear) the spectacle!

So this inspired me, and my wife, to look for more racing names...

Thanks to my wife, and all her greyhound friends, for inspiring this Fun Strip Friday's post.

I love my wife.

Of course, there are plenty of spoofs out there but I will keep this as PG rated as possible.

But, if you REALLY, REALLY want to look, and listen to more...

Do a search on YouTube for "Funny Horse Race".

But don't say I did not warn you.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fantasy First

At least for me...

This year I am participating in not 1, not 2, but 3 fantasy leagues.

I got talked into yet a third league at the last minute by another coworker.

I have never actively worked 3 leagues in one season.

Fortunately I am commish for only one of them.

So, it was kind of interesting to see how everything panned out.

For the league I was just bamboozled into. I drafted 12th (dead last).
For the other normal league, I drafted 2nd.
For the one I commish, I drafted 6th.

The league I commish is quite different than the others.
We have IDP players and an extra offensive utility spot plus I allow return yards/TD's. And next year we are implementing drafting based on inverse finish order and 1 keeper (franchise) player.
So the drafting philosophy for mine was a bit different than your normal league.

It was actually more interesting to draft 12th. I have never drafted in that spot before and the dynamic of the draft was different than I had anticipated. It seemed as though everyone was allergic to QB's and only drafted RB and WR. (this had nothing to do with my draft position but rather the other fanatics drafting ahead of me)

I had my share of secondary "sleepers" but they all went before my "last" pick in the round. The lesson there seemed to be, since I was so far down the totem pole, to "move" my sleepers up a spot or two in order to select them. Of course this meant seeing someone on the board who was not a "sleeper" per say and leaving him on.

Anyway, I have posted my teams here on my blog (below daily posts) for all to follow.
Check them out.


Thursday ! Thursday !! Thursday !!!

Is it Thursday yet?
Time to kick off the Football season!


Monday, September 7, 2009


Giants think Woodson spilling secrets

I have been a part of it," Coughlin said Monday when asked whether he has ever signed a player released by a team he was about to play. "I have seen it done. A guy doesn't get in the door two seconds, and he is in a classroom being grilled.

AKA LaVar Arrington

I told him the little bit that I know about the Washington Redskins," Arrington said, a reference to Lindsey's comment Wednesday that Arrington couldn't help the Giants prepare for the Redskins because he didn't know anything when he was with the Redskins. "It was like a two-minute conversation. But what I did know [is], I do have your playbook. So if I don't understand it, I'm sure Coach Coughlin can decipher it.

Coach Zorn interview:

Oh, yeah. Yeah," Zorn said. "And that's something that I would be frustrated with, too, and I do understand that, that it makes it look like we're jumping on that, but that wasn't the major issue with the find.

Zorn said the Redskins scouted Woodson coming out of college and decided to take a chance on him after New York let him go.

He might be able to help us a little bit," Zorn said. "He knows their stuff. He certainly knew their snap count and just the obvious things, but we're not trying to glean every little [detail], we're not going to put him under the microscope.

Woodson comment before entering Redskins Camp:

While disappointed and frustrated, Woodson said he had no hard feelings toward the Giants. He also said he knows the Giants' playbook and realizes who is paying him now.

I'm definitely a little bit familiar with it," he said. "Right now, anything to help the Redskins out, I'm willing to do.

On a Side Note: The Redskins announced today that Woodson's room and phone privileges will be ready 7 days after signing....


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Counting on 2...

So today it was announced that the redskins have placed Colt Brennan on IR and Chase Daniel is released.

Instead they go with an extra running back. We shall see if 2 QB's is enough to make it through the season, or if they pick up Chase after waivers for the practice squad.

Here is the list of cuts.

Robbie Agnone TE Undrafted Rookie
Anthony Alridge RB First-year Player
Jeremy Bridges G/T 7-year Vet
Scott Burley T Undrafted Rookie
Alex Buzbee DE First-year Player
Chase Daniel QB Undrafted Rookie
Antonio Dixon DT Undrafted Rookie
Dominique Dorsey RB First-year Player
Doug Dutch CB Undrafted Rookie
Keith Eloi WR Undrafted Rookie
Cody Glenn LB 2009 5th-Round Draft Pick
D.J. Hackett WR 6-Year Vet
Lendy Holmes S Undrafted Rookie
Rob Jackson DE 2008 7th-Round Draft Pick
Dave Rayner K 4-year Vet
Rueben Riley G First-year Player
Trent Shelton WR First-year Player
J.D. Skolnitsky DE Undrafted Rookie
Robert Thomas LB 8-year Vet
Eddie Williams FB 2009 7th-Round Draft Pick
Darrel Young LB Undrafted Rookie

It is nice to note that the Skins took my advice and dumped Hackett and kept Mason and Mitchell.

OH, and they also listened to me about my flame post regarding the retired old lady. Seems they will not enforce the court ruling afterall.

Totally cool.

And speaking of Cool... as in Cooley. It seems he was asked to host Hot Clicks on CNN Sports Extra Mustard.

Leave it to Cooley to uncover football from cheerleaders to team photos to Fantasy Football and last but not least TMI on the totally Bizarre...


Take me off the list

Yet another reason two more reasons to not want season tickets and hate Snyder!!!

Selling tickets eligible for season ticket holders to brokers.

Screwing the fans and double dipping.

And here is a short interactive page detailing the money mongering events.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Wedding Planners

OK, so a guy I know is getting married Saturday.
Right at the start of football season!

What a terrible time to go on a honeymoon... (Just Kidding)

Hope he has already picked his fantasy league and had the draft... (Not Kidding)

So, what ideas did I come up with for a gift?

Don't worry though, I'm sure she will get her turn.
I hear she is a Hockey Fan!

Seriously though, I hope and wish for them only the best.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Evolution - According to Plan

Sort of . . .

The other day I was listening to the Joe Theismann Show on the radio and a listener asked a question regarding Albert Haynesworth and the defensive scheme.
Joe said that the Skins are not going to ask Albert to change is plays or style too much, rather the coaching staff is going to change the style of the defense to complement him. His presence will make everyone better.

Meaning you build your scheme around your key personnel.

He will demand attention and lots of double teams. This will free up the other linemen and LB into more 1 on 1 coverage or force someone else, such as a RB or TE, to check down on them before releasing out to the flat.
This is a great plan and the skins have the defensive coaching staff to do this quite well.

But this got me to thinking about the rest of the team.

First, the other side of the ball.
The Offense.
Then about - The management.

First the offense.
Who is the marquee player the offensive coaching staff is going to build the offensive plays around?

Clinton Portis?
Jason Campbell?
One of the receivers such as Santana Moss, Malcolm Kelly?

Other teams have done this.
San Diego with LT. Minnesota with AP.
New England, Colts, Giants with their QB’s.
Arizona with Larry Fitzgerald

Now for the Management . . .

Everybody knows Snyder loves the big splash. The next big thing.
Now here is why . . .


It’s what everybody in business, marketing and sales wants. The WOW, The next big thing.

This is how he got rich and it is what he does best.

So, this was his plan with owning and running a football franchise.
To Make Money.

Trouble was, he did this every chance he got at every level he could.

This is not a plan for building a team.

So this is what has happened over the past several years.
An Evolution of sorts. . .

A)The Redskins have had way too many changes at the helm and within the offensive system in recent years to be anything other than consistently mediocre. (6 coaches and numerous Offensive coordinators in the past 9 years)
B)After floundering around a bit (circa 2000) the Redskins hired Schottenheimer who had a wonderful personality and reputation and got along sooo well with both the management and players that, despite a really good turn-around during the season, was fired after only one year.
C)Then the skins acquired a bold hot coach from Florida (Spurrier) and they got him his version of a coveted QB (Ramsey).
But, Ramsey got absolutely pummeled and had the $#@! sacked out of him.
D)Then they got Clinton Portis to be the marquee running back.
But his strengths , running style, did not fit in with the Riggo blocking schemes and he did not do well his first year here.
However, Gibbs (notice Spurrier gone) was smart enough to change and Clinton had one of his best years ever the second year.

E) Then they got Jason Campbell
Everybody wanted/wants Jason to be “the man”.
But Gibbs got old . . .
And at first Jason was in a system which was super complicated and worked off of timing, route running, and trusting that the receiver is going to be where you throw it.

F)But that is not Jason’s strength . . . more on this later . . .
G)So now they have Zorn
The first year his staff knew the offense was not good enough to overcome mistakes, so the biggest thing they asked of Jason was do not turn it over.
He responded with a franchise record of consecutive passes without an interception.

H)Then the Redskins did something unique to them. They started drafting targets for Jason to throw to instead of going for another one of “the marquee player” receivers.
They started to try and build something around Jason by adding personnel to complement what a QB does.
This year, I have seen something else happen. Zorn and his staff are finally crafting plays that play to Jason’s strengths.

I)Jason is what I call a Line of Sight QB.
They have been stretching the field with a regularly thrown deep ball
Calling more ‘slant’ type patterns

He has as strong an arm as anybody.
He can be quite mobile.
J)So now the Skins seem to finally have an offensive plan.
A good QB
A good complement of RB’s and WR’s.
Lots of offensive targets (Moss, Kelly, Thomas, Mitchell) (Note: I would not cry for Hackett, Randle-El, or Shelton leaving)
Good RB’s (Clinton, Betts, and even a couple good “rookies” in Mason, Alridge, Dorsey) (Though I would probably keep Cartwright over Dorsey)
K) Trouble is,they still have Snyder who for some god awful reason decided to try for the next big thing tactic this off season and risked jeopardizing the whole process and plan that seemed to be evolving.

Fortunately he failed this time around.

So, here is a toast to the new season, the final Pre-Season game, hoping my favorite rookies make the roster spots and to hopefully a successful season for Jason, and the entire offensive package that is still evolving and seemingly “plan” for the Redskins future.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adamaye Pacmanaye Jonesaye

It seems the pacman has overstayed his welcome and is heading up to the Great White North.

Starting all over with a clean slate. Aye.

It seems he is even looking up some of the local favorite hot spots. Aye...

And what was his first interenet search?

Have a look aye...

UPDATE: Pacmanaye thinks he is Brettaye Favreaye!
Seems he is trying to generate the on again off again love hate relationship good ol' Brett established in the media.

REALITY: I think he probably tried to get a free membership to one of the before mentioned Winnipeg night clubs...

But reallaye... Who cares anywaye...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time

Shutdown Corner Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:53 pm EDT
Brett Favre throws a dirty block at Eugene Wilson's knees

If you didn't see it for yourself on ESPN, take a look at this filthy little crackback block that Brett Favre(notes) threw at the knees of Texans safety Eugene Wilson(notes) in the third quarter of the Monday Night preseason game.

Yeah, he's like a little kid out there. Specifically, that little girl Esther in "Orphan."

Mike Tirico's right, that wasn't cool. It was dirty, is what it was, not to mention illegal. My kudos and thanks go to Tirico and Ron Jaworski for pointing it out and not using the kid gloves on the usually sacred Favre.

It's not the worst thing any of us have ever seen, but I cringe any time I see an NFL player do something that is both unnecessary and puts someone else in such danger. I know that it's a dangerous game, and physical plays have to be made, but this, in my view, doesn't fall into that category.

Favre didn't have to go that low. Favre didn't have to put Eugene Wilson's knees in jeopardy. Like Jaws said, that's a potential career-ender.

That said, though, even though I've made no secret of my disapproval of Favre's nonsense over the past couple of years, if this were someone else, I'd probably be way more upset about it. I'm not saying that it's okay, of course, but Favre's been a quarterback in the NFL for 83 years and I can't recall a single other incident of dirty play.

So I won't label him a dirty player. The man's history earns him the benefit of the doubt. Make no mistake, though, the play itself was dirty. Here's what the NFL rulebook says about the crackback block:

An offensive player who lines up more than two yards outside his own tackle or a player who, at the snap, is in a backfield position and subsequently takes a position more than two yards outside a tackle may not clip an opponent anywhere nor may he contact an opponent below the waist if the blocker is moving toward the ball and if contact is made within an area five yards on either side of the line. (crackback)


September Watch List

OK, so I am getting this published just under the wire.

This month I am trying something a bit new.

I am still keeping my starting line ups and bench lists but now I have been able to incorporate pseudo rankings into some of my screens and have decided to use them as a basis for determining my watch lists. Basically the rankings are the ones which either best match the key criteria of each of my screens or have performed the best based on my filters. The theory being that the top ranked ones have the best chance of matching those goals.

So this is the first month of my experimenting with this slight twist to my system.

Oh, and I can't tell you how many times my limit orders have come back to haunt me over the past six months. Usually, it is in the form of my stop loss of about 10% - 12%; only to watch the stock bounce back and recover quite nicely.

This last time, however, it was my 10% limit on price increase that bit me. AKA SVA popping to stratospheric heights.

I may be reviewing those in the near future as well, as those seem to be cutting into my overall return record.

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