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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fantasy First

At least for me...

This year I am participating in not 1, not 2, but 3 fantasy leagues.

I got talked into yet a third league at the last minute by another coworker.

I have never actively worked 3 leagues in one season.

Fortunately I am commish for only one of them.

So, it was kind of interesting to see how everything panned out.

For the league I was just bamboozled into. I drafted 12th (dead last).
For the other normal league, I drafted 2nd.
For the one I commish, I drafted 6th.

The league I commish is quite different than the others.
We have IDP players and an extra offensive utility spot plus I allow return yards/TD's. And next year we are implementing drafting based on inverse finish order and 1 keeper (franchise) player.
So the drafting philosophy for mine was a bit different than your normal league.

It was actually more interesting to draft 12th. I have never drafted in that spot before and the dynamic of the draft was different than I had anticipated. It seemed as though everyone was allergic to QB's and only drafted RB and WR. (this had nothing to do with my draft position but rather the other fanatics drafting ahead of me)

I had my share of secondary "sleepers" but they all went before my "last" pick in the round. The lesson there seemed to be, since I was so far down the totem pole, to "move" my sleepers up a spot or two in order to select them. Of course this meant seeing someone on the board who was not a "sleeper" per say and leaving him on.

Anyway, I have posted my teams here on my blog (below daily posts) for all to follow.
Check them out.


Dave Miller September 13, 2009 at 2:30 AM  

Good luck this year Doug with your fantasy teams. It looks like your league has a lot more bench players than we do.

We carry only two bench players in an 8 man league, thus making sure we have a pretty active waiver wire.

I'll take my QB's over your though. I have both Brees and Brady.

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