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Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Crystal Ball here...

It's more like cheap plastic...

So, I've signed up for this Peter King Challenge thingy on the web and I am sorry to say, I'm no better than him or anybody else out there.
And... there are plenty of folks a lot better at picking than me - just none of them are the highly over paid commentator / experts (such as Mr. King)...

But I knew that already...

So far I am 21-11 after two weeks.

So, who do I pick for week three?

Redskins at Lions = LIONS
OK guys, I'm laying it down now!! I'm smacking my Skins and challenging them to prove me wrong. Only problem is we love to give winless teams their first, and often only, win for the season...

Packers at Rams = Packers
Too much talent at running and passing game and defense, OK Too Much Talent Period for the Rams to handle...

49ers at Vikings = The 9rs
Pick subject to change... I actually am going back and forth on this one all the time (I really like the 9rs this year) Sorry Sam...

Falcons at Patriots = Falcons
Watch out Pats, here comes the flood!

Titans at Jets = Titans
Me thinks the Titans are tired of loosing and the Jets are flying a bit too high after such a big game...

Chiefs at Eagles = Eagles
As much as I love to root against other NFC East teams, I just can't seem to justify it this week, even with Donovan most likely out...

Giants at Bucs = Giants

Browns at Ravens = Ravens
At this rate, maybe the Ravens will become my new home team...

Jags at Texans = Texans
Hmmm I hate trying to call games like this but overall I think the Texans should be the better...

Aints at Bills = Aints
I think this will be closer than folks think but the Brees is mighty strong lately...

Bears at Seahawks = Bears
Especially if Hasselhoff is out this week... Which reminds me, maybe I should look at benching T.J.

Steelers at Bengals = Bengals
Bengals can't be unlucky all season and I really love dumping on all my misguided buddies from PA...

Broncos at Raiders = Raiders
Unless of course the Broncos have been perfecting that tip ball play... which so far is the highlight play of the year for them...

Dolphins at Chargers = Chargers
The rumors about Ray Lewis being traded to Miami so that he can play against the bolts again are completely false!

Colts at Cardinals = Cardinals
It's time for the Cardiac Cards to start playing again or else their season will be dead... Besides, the Colts defense is not all that great.

Panthers at Cowboys = Cowboys
You know, if the Panthers win Great, but Jerry will not like loosing twice in a row, especially in his brand new house...


Sam September 24, 2009 at 10:42 PM  

Okay, so I won't apologize for picking the Lions over the Skins at My picks are in... and surprisingly similar to yours (no I didn't look first, honest)!

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