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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live by the Gore, Die by the Gore...

This week I won one fantasy league game and lost another due to Frank Gore having a monster day!

Oh well, 2 out of 3 for the second week in a row isn't all that bad.

I am actually more upset with the Redskins failing to score any touchdowns than I am happy they won. If Campbell had connected with both TD pass attempts (translation - if the receivers had just caught the #$@! ball) and Portis had managed to get the ball to Cooley, I would have had 3 TD's and gone 3 for 3!

Oh and for those of you who think it is going to be any better this week against the Lions, I hate to disappoint you. You see, a very psychic friend of mine had a premonition....

After taking a commanding 3-0 lead into the locker-room at the half, the skins will then proceed to “run-up” the score on the Lions and by the end of the 3rd quarter lead 6-0, on an off the left upright 29 yard field goal by the “Swissham”. Everything is going the Skins way, but then midway through the 4th quarter, Detroit mounts a furious rally after a Santana Moss fumble and unleashes an offensive attack that includes two 17 yard passes to Calvin Johnson, who makes DeAngelo Hall look Pac-Man Jones… then while on Washington’s 3 yard line, a trick play! A half-back option! No one saw that play coming (I know I didn’t)… The Lions come all the way back from what seemed to be an insurmountable 6-0 deficit to take the lead in this offensive barnburner. All seems loss for the Redskins, who after driving 43 yards to midfield have to punt. But the Lions returner fair catches the ball at the 3 yard line with 1:37 remaining. After being in victory formation and kneeling on 2 successive plays, the Redskins call their final timeout. There’s :32 ticks left and the Lions are destined to win their 1st game in 20 tries, all the Lions have to do is kneel down one last time, but wait?!? Stafford doesn’t kneel, he is so excited that he celebrates too early… what is he doing?!? With the ball high over his head, he takes a “Cal Ripken” like trot through the endzone and he gets crushed by Albert Haynesworth causing him to fumble the ball!!! There’s a mad scramble in the endzone, no one can grab the ball… and the OT Jon Jansen kicks it out of the back of the endzone, for a safety! The Redskins win, the Redskins win…8 to 7! A thrilling contest, one for the ages, to be sure. In his post game comments, Zorn says that he’s pleased with the progress of the offense and promises the fans to expect more of the same for as long as he is the head coach… He also says that there will not be any changes to the QB or to his play calling…..

Oh! So you don’t think that this could happen? OK, then you guys tell me, how will it all go down?
Thanks to Tommy for supplying great material for my blog... Not so much for owning Gore and beating me this week... ;-)

Me, I say the Lions score at least 17 points and the Deadskins ... oh, about 12.

I hope they prove me wrong.


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