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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

48 hours

Saturday - Sunday

Youth Football: Mark catches his first pass !!! And just to clarify, it is the first time one was thrown to him this season. He also recovered a fumble and had a couple good tackles as well! Congratulations!

And no, this is not Mark...and no I don't have any pictures of this tremendous feat!

Automobile(s): My oldest son Eric says that the guardrail came out of nowhere, did not stop in time and acted like it was moving on ice.... Oh wait, that was him in his car! Everyone is OK, but the right front panel, bumper, and light assembly kinda looks like this....

Sunday - Monday

First, I'd like to thank the weather channel for taking special note of our scheduled Golf Tournament on Monday to benefit said Youth Football League...

It did not rain at all but as I am about to tell you... It was Windy!!!

See this picture?

This is what the 4th hole looks like on a beautifully calm day!
Monday, the trees were swirling around and the the lake was FULL of white caps from the constant 20+ mile per hour winds.

Add to that the nearly 2 inches of rain we received between Friday and Sunday and; well, the course was prime for this...

Again, my shot was much more impressive in that the whole ball was completely cratered into the fairway and you could barely see it. I, nor my buddies, have never spent so much time looking for a fairway shot. And again, I really need to get a phone with a camera... Oh, wait, my work will not allow one...

But anyway...

A bad ANY day of golf beats ... well just about anything.. ;-)

We actually had loads of fun and the course was in really good shape. We even won prizes!!! Over all we were 2 under par and came in last place!!!

IF we had done better, we would not have won anything!!! ;-)


Anonymous,  September 29, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

AW! that's adorable, your little tackle man LOL! great entry!
UM OUCH on the bumper!!

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