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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

For investment advice?

Yeah, I know, you feel that they have all your money and bank accounts already but...

How about the Federal Government.

The SEC to be exact.

It seems that the SEC has a new investment site called up and running which is really pretty good.

It's not flashy. It has the look and feel of a monolithic government building.

But it does provide really good basic information, in a well organized and "one-stop" format, on the following:

How to start planning.
How to choose good investments, firms, and brokers.
How to keep what you got.
In other words avoid scams, fraudulent investments and advice.

In light of all the recent economic downturns, investment schemes, and news about people loosing life savings; it is nice to see the SEC provide a site filled with valuable information and education regarding savings and investments.

They even have a section dedicated to retirements and seniors.

And it's all free. With no sign up, registration or anything except an Internet connection and your thirst for knowledge required.

The idea is simple.
The site well thought out and easy to navigate.
And fits in perfectly with their posted mission statement.

The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.

As more and more first-time investors turn to the markets to help secure their futures, pay for homes, and send children to college, our investor protection mission is more compelling than ever.

Which is exactly what the SEC is supposed to do.

Well done.

Happy Trick or Treating !!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Deer Predictions

Is it me, or does Cerrato have that "deer in headlights" look?

So last week I went a miserable 8 - 5 compared to my previous week of 11 - 3.
I'll blame it on the flu and my bad back...

I did well in my Fantasy Leagues, except Santa ended up with a couple less helpers after all was said and done.
Cooley busted an ankle and Shaun Hill got busted to the bench.

I tried to pick up Alex Smith off the waiver wire but because I'm 2nd overall in the league, my waiver order was 11th and somebody else beat me to it.

So hearing the rumors, I took a chance and picked up Vince Young. I still do not know if I will put him in this week as my Offensive Player or start somebody else like DeSean Jackson or one of my many 2nd rate RB's instead. But who knows, it just might pay off.

Oh and speaking of RB's, maybe Beanie Wells, maybe - just might be, turning the corner and coming into his own in the NFL. So I dumped McFadden (who has done nothing) and picked Beanie Boy up as well.

And now for my predictions

Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills = TEXANS
Cleveland Browns @ Chicago Bears = BEARS
Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys = COWBOYS
St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions = LIONS
Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers = VIKINGS
San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts = COLTS
Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets = DOLPHINS
Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens = RAVENS
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans = JAGS
Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers = CHARGERS
New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles = GIANTS
Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals = CARDINALS
Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints = SAINTS

Until next time ...

Be Good. Do Well. Have Fun.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Sign

Apparently not all signs are banned. The ones sold and yes, even given out freely, once you are inside the stadium are allowed.

And Apparently it does not matter if you hold it up obstructing anothers view of the field or wave it in front of the camera on national TV.

So, lets hear it for the GEICO REDSKINS!!!

What's next?


Or perhaps some car related name...

GM? ( Now wouldn't that be ironic )

Better yet, we should spin this into a reality TV show...

Heck, there are even a bunch of titles already well suited....

Biggest Loser NBC and the Redskins (almost a perfect fit)

Extreme Makeover NFL Edition

America’s Toughest Job

Deal Or No Deal

America’s Next Top (insert expletive)

Last Comic (or any other expletive of choice) Standing


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hoping for a Recovery

So, I’m still home with a sore back playing Mr. Mom trying to help get everyone healthy, or at least healthier.

All the while hoping that I do not come down with whatever they had.

I say this because my wife and I are convinced we have a couple different illnesses going around.

She and my oldest definitely had the flu. (probably swine flu) but without a proper test there is no way of telling for sure.

The other two kids had high fevers and very stuffy snuffled noses.

Me, I just had a bad back and a grumpy attitude.

So, this week we are hoping for a recovery.

Because we are way behind with Halloween preparations, work, and other daily duties already.

Well, enough about all that stuff already, and more about things related to this blog.

The Good News: I finally went 2 for 3 in my FF leagues. Even though Santas Little Helpers decided to under achieve, I still managed to defeat the former top dawg in the league.
My other win was a result of some other people being a bit stupid with trades which ended up giving me a half way decent team. I am no longer bottom feeder of the league. Watch out guys, here I come!

Bad News: Stocks are taking a beating this week.

Couple things I learned last night

I need a new TE in two of my fantasy leagues. Chris Cooley broke his ankle and is probably out for the rest of the year.

The Redskins didn’t look any better in HD.

Actually, statistically, on paper, they did not look all that bad. Just got killed with 6 sacks and 4 turn overs. Duh, that will kill your chances of winning most everytime.

It is looking like Snyder is, once again, managing to stay in the news and excel at what ever he does.

The bad news is that he is currently excelling at loosing.
Trouble is he is doing it at the expense of an entire organization.

And to top it all off, first there was all the bit about suing fans, now there is this about trying to silence the opposition on national TV.


But there is good news. Even though national sales of Redskin merchandise is down nearly 47% from last year; I have it on excellent authority that folks as far away as Michigan are still buying Redskin Merchandise! Imagine that! What are the odds?

Well, until next time

Be Good. Do Well. Have fun.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I learned this past week...

Chinese symbol for knowledge

The Flu sucks. (I actually already knew this)

Our Family Practice sucks too. (Ditto on the knowledge thingy)

Seems they only give anti-viral medication (heck, just about any for that matter) to drug addicts, cancer patients, and enhanced athletes.
They call it their "high risk" policy.
Their best advice for folks/families who ALREADY HAVE THE FLU is to get a flu shot.
Never mind having kids (including a three year old) isn't risky enough already...

Speaking of high risk drugged athletes. . .
I heard that up to 12 players on the Cleveland Browns caught the flu and that the Browns were going to catch a break and be allowed a player roster exemption. . .

Nonsense! We all know the Browns can't catch!
Especially when it comes to anything related to pigskins...

The only thing worse than having the flu is having multiple people in the same family having it at the same time.

The only thing worse than having multiple family members sick at the same time is being sick with the flu at the same time as throwing out your back so you can't move.

There is a GOD.

Mercifully, he has spared me the worst of this last bit of knowledge for the moment, but I do still have the bad back and the start of a cough.

GOD has a sense of humor.
So it only hurts when I cough, or laugh...
I just know he is waiting until I get over the back thingy until I get what everybody else has.

We were actually torn on the whole flu shot thingy...

- Partly because of number 2 above...
- Partly because there is a part of me who believes in the pound of dirt theory...
- Partly because my wife and I see stuff like this on the news... and think once again about #2.
- Partly because it was only a few short years ago that I got my first flu shot ever, (my wife was either expecting and or we had a new born), but the flu shots that year were not for what ended up being the most prevalent variation and I got it anyway.

You probably are getting very tired of me RANTING . . .
Too Bad!

If my FF team (Santas Helpers) can pick a week to under achieve. They will.
As of right now I am 5 points behind and have two defensive players and Chris Cooley playing tonight.

If you take a chronically bad performing FF team (Pariahs) and decide to play spoiler and accept trades from others who go raiding, you actually might get a better team and start winning...
I now have Big Ben, AP, Sproles and Vincent Jackson.
As of right now I am amazingly 18 points ahead going into tonight.
I have Cooley (notice a pattern) and he has Maclin left to play.

I'll stop for now but I'll be back!


In the meanwhile, Be Good. Do Well. Have Fun.

And stay away from evil medicine hoarding family practitioners!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chefs, Bartenders, and a Night out on the Town!

This was too funny to pass up . . .
It is a shameless attempt to promote a website and book. (not mine) I would never stoop so low.

Patti Stanger; No she is not Blond (I would have lost that bet) However, yes the author is single (imagine that...), runs one of these "Reality" shows (shows you how much I watch those things), and is filthy rich (which is probably the real reason she has a boyfriend)... Well, I could think of a couple others, but it's not because of her looks.

Perhaps she should have called it "Dating tips for your Daughter"

But anyway . . .

The Top Ten Places To Find A Great Guy (And The Five Places You Won’t)

Here’s a list of the best places to find that manly man:


I know, I know. But if a man is there by himself because his buddies haven’t shown yet, and you know the score of the game that’s on – you just scored yourself some major points! Go by yourself, befriend the bartender, and enjoy the ‘hang out’ atmosphere and who knows what could happen!

a) Wrong! If a guy shows up by himself, he is a lonely looser. Sure, some of his friends might show up later, but there is a reason he is solo.
b) If by some remote chance this does work, at least you know where he will be on Sports Night(s)!
c) Thanks for the tip, If I were single and looking for a career – I’d pick bartender!

Real men eat meat. Many enjoy a good steak and a martini. The bar or lounge area is a great place to hit during Happy Hour!

a) Yup, single men just love to hit on the waitresses, especially after a couple martinis.

Golfers like to hit the range after work or on weekends to take out their frustrations on the ball. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be good. Men love to coach, and feel flattered when you compliment them on how much they’re ‘helping you out”.

a) OK there are sooooo many jokes I could do here dealing with the word swing, iron, shot, wood, and in the hole!
b) But I will not.
c) Would one really want their daughter hanging around angry frustrated guys with clubs?

Not IN the movie theatre, sitting in the dark, duh! The lines outside – especially for MAN movies (action, horror, westerns, war). Spark up a conversation!

a) So, a single man going to the movies alone, should look for the single woman stalking the lines to see when to cut in and strike up a conversation and score a free ticket!
b) And of course the first place one would want to go with a man you just met would be someplace dark where you were not permitted to talk or turn on your cell phone to call for help!

Take a class or two at your local community college – something you enjoy (movies, pottery, books, etc). It’s a great place to meet someone with similar interests.

a) Yup this is where all my friends met their wives (in pottery class) (this lady has watched Ghost one too many times), and the reason they took all those continuing education classes!
b) What about the lonely guy teaching the class? Could be just like going golfing, only indoors . .

It’s the most common place for men to sit down and eat alone. Don’t ask for a table, sit at the bar and make friends with the chef! Who knows who will sit next to you!

a) Chef and Sushi?
b) Don’t real men eat meat?
c) Tip number 2 – become a Chef.

I’m not talking about the cliche of the produce aisle. Go to the prepared food section – most men these days don’t have time to cook. And always go right after work on the weekdays – that’s best pickings! Oh, and a neighborhood market is always better than a giant chain!

a) That’s because all the guys at Giant are married and shopping the Honey Do list.
b) They probably have at least one terrible two or three year old with them as well.

Find out what industry dominates your town, and even if you have only the slightest of interest, show up at the conferences, lectures and promotional events. Then, find out where the parties are afterwards!

a) In a man’s world we call this an escort service.
b) See Craig’s list.
c) I've heard Bartenders and Hotel Clerks get asked for this information as well...
d) Career tip #3 - Hotel Clerks. . .

They are becoming increasingly popular. Most women can’t stand the smell, but if you’re one of the lucky ones that can – you’ll have your pick of eligible men!

a) Yup, us men love the smell of a good cigar smoking gal!

A single guy who takes good care of his dog is usually more open to commitment and responsibility.

a) Wrong! They have a dog because the dog does not care about all the sports bars, cigars, and martini induced nights away.

And a few places not to:

Most straight men spend as little time as possible here.

a) And most straight men who do usually have some sort of fetish.

Men usually go there for one thing, and it’s not a relationship.

a) See sports bar and steak houses.

When’s the last time you heard a guy say, “Hey boys, let’s go get some yogurt! Yeah!”

a) Aren’t these right next to the Sushi Bars?

Single, straight men do not go on cruises with their buddies – it’s something they do with a wife or girlfriend.

a) No, but it is where all the new divorcees go to get away and spend all their x’s alimony.

That’s reserved for fantasies and TV shows. It doesn’t happen. If he’s even moderately successful, he won’t have time to hang out in a laundromat.

a) Yup Dates and Dirty Laundry. That’s a winner in anybodies book!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Be Good Do Well Have Fun - Oh Snap !

Actually I should say snap your fingers twice...

and I will explain later... :-)

But for now I will do a quick recap of the week as it relates to this blog and give my predictions for this weekend NFL action.

STOCKS: I kept my holdings of CISG which experienced nearly a 6% gain for the week vs. (the previous big winner) CTFO which had nearly a 13% loss.
And so far my starting lineup is beating my bench 8% vs 3% for the month.

FANTASY: I can’t seem to get out of my 1 for 3 pattern. Trouble is each week it seems to be a different 1 team winning. On the good side I am still in the running in 2 of the 3 of my leagues. (See left sidelines)
And no, nobody wants to trade for Campbell. Gee I can’t imagine why. So, in my search for a RB, I picked up Maroney who seems to have a good chance of getting more runs and a favorable match up (at least for this week).

And now for the Trivia Question of the week: Who was Vic Mizzy?

This week Vic Mizzy passed away. It is not often that this world has a person impact a generation (or two) with great talent and instantly recognizable classic works of art.

Want a hint? Just snap your fingers twice.

If you are still lost, you probably are to young to remember so click here.

There was a good write up here.

Not only did he write the original Addams Family Theme Song, he sang the original, directed the opening sequence with the original cast members and was smart enough to hold on to the creative rights to the song.

Rest in Peace Vic.

Oh and here are my predictions for this week.


I just realized I picked every visiting team except the Cardinals to win.
Hmmmmm ...

So, in parting I will leave you with sound words of advice that I give my kids every day.

Be Good. Do Well. Have Fun.


Friday, October 23, 2009


Yes it is sad, I'm already thinking about the 2010 draft.

Of course, The Redskins have only 5 picks so, unless if they draft 5 OL, I doubt there will be much change.

Speaking of change, I've been seeing lots of articles regarding the 2010 rookie pool and depth of talent.

Which is the real reason for this post.

If I were an owner or GM, I'd be looking to stock pile as many draft picks as possible for next year. Because if the NFL does away with the pool and basically opens up pay for rookies, then you are going to see even more underclass players jumping into the draft in hopes of getting the paycheck.

This will do nothing but deplete the talent pool(s) for at least the next 1 if not 2 - 3 years.

Of course, I hope the NFL limits the pool and rookie salaries as much as possible.
I really do not think that dangling that big salary carrot out there for rookies is a good idea. Most players (in my opinion) are not developed enough, physically - skillfully - or mentally, for the NFL prior to their Junior or even Senior year.

And yes I understand the injury argument too, but (I don't believe I'm saying this) there is more to life than football. But sadly, most people under the age of 30 do not realize this.


Looking at a brief list there are some interesting teams with lots of picks. Some good teams and some not so good.

New England of course has their fair share so they should continue to be a major factor in the NFL.
Detroit has quite a few too, so they should be well positioned to continue their rebuilding efforts.

Here is the list as I tallied it up for next year.

Cleveland 10
Kansas City 9
Buffalo 8
Detroit 8
Houston 8
Miami 8
New England 8
Oakland 8
San Francisco 8
Tampa Bay 8
Arizona 7
Atlanta 7
Baltimore 7
Cincinnati 7
Green Bay 7
Minnesota 7
New York Giants 7
Philadelphia 7
Pittsburgh 7
Seattle 7
St. Louis 7
Carolina 6
Dallas 6
Denver 6
Indianapolis 6
Jacksonville 6
New Orleans 6
San Diego 6
Tennessee 6
Chicago 5
New York Jets 5
Washington 5


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vinni and Dan . . .


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Truth or Dare

OK, so I have a slight apology to make to Jim Zorn.

Yes he is over his head.
Yes he is all but fired.
Yes he is getting screwed by management.

I really wish for him a quick and painless separation. But alas, Dan and Vinni seem to want to do as much damage as possible.

Which brings me to one of my new favorite sports writers.

Tracee Hamilton.

I have found that she brings a fresh outlook to the same old stories and often reflects opinions 100 times better than I ever could.

Here is here latest article.

What burns worse than fire?

Oh, and while your are out surfing around, stop by here to register your due complaint to MANAGEMENT at

Here is my entry...


Monday, October 19, 2009

A New Caller !!!

And a new Theme Song...

Have you heard about the lonesome loser
He's a loser, but he still keeps on tryin'


And to think, all the players were looking for this past week was clear direction and support from management for their coaches... Any of them...

Even the offensive coordinator, Sherman Smith, who did not get chosen to call plays.

Way to go Dan and Vinni.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Who says there is no religion in sports?

Patron Saint of Ball Placement and First-Down Measurements

The last sit-down Sunday meal that occurs before football season starts

"And the last shall be first and the first shall be last"


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rumor has it - A Proposition has been made...

So this week (in my Borderless League that I commish) I get my bye week players back, at least the important ones. However, this week I have a kicker and safety on bye so I went out to the waiver wire and picked up one of each to replace them with.

Well at least I tried. Each week it seems I have either a top choice or a second choice who gets picked up by somebody else before my turn. This week I lost out on Darren Sharper. So I still have a DB to look for.

And to top it all off, I still have a bunch of either second string or injured RB’s not contributing. Sheesh!

So, for the first time in three years, I am trying something new.

I am proposing a trade.

Devin Hester and Jason Campbell for Cedric Benson.

Hey Frankie, if you are reading this - Just press accept !

The other guy (Frankie) has a plethora of RB’s (AP, Thomas Jones, Willie Parker, Felix Jones, Ray Rice, Jamal Lewis) , and is a little thin at QB (Kyle Orton, Derek Anderson) depth and WR’s (Ted Ginn, Calvin Johnson, TO, Jeremy Maclin) .

Believe it or not, Jason has decent numbers this year and is almost equal to Cedric’s point total. He does go up against a week opponent this week which makes him attractive.

I still have Jay Cutler and Shaun Hill for QB’s and Reggie Wayne, Michael Crabtree, Jacoby Jones, Josh Cribbs, and DeSean Jackson for receivers). Now before you laugh, remember I am talking about a PPR league. So half my receivers actually catch the ball and the other half return kicks. Which is also what Devin does.

So, Frankie, you get an extra QB and another multi-dimensional and versatile player for the price of just one RB. Good Deal!

Meanwhile, here are my picks for this week.

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals = Will the real Texans please show up? TEXANS :-)
Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers = PACKERS :-)
No rivalry help here
Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings = VIKINGS :-)
New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints = SAINTS :-)
Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers = STEELERS :-)
Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers = PANTHERS :-)
Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington Redskins = CHIEFS :-)
If I were a betting man, the skins have yet to cover the points...
St. Louis Rams @ Jacksonville Jaguars = JAGS :-)
Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders = EAGLES :-(
Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks = HAWKS :-(
Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots = PATS :-)
Anybody thinking the next 0 and 16 team yet?
Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets = JETS :-(
Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons = FALCONS :-)
Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers = BRONCOS :-)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who would I hire?

OK, So lets jump ahead a bit from my last post...

The money has been raised, a coalition of power hungry politicians and corporate personnel have banded together in my grass roots campaign and bought controlling interest in the Redskins.

Now, who would I hire?...

That is easy, I would look to some young innovative subject matter experts who knows how to build winning football teams. I'd search for a GM/VP/God of football operations to take the reigns of the organization.

Here, imitation is the best form of flattery. And no, I am not necessarily talking about past historical success stories of the west coast offense.

I look towards current success stories.

Like ...

Chris Polian of the Colts...
Eric DeCosta of the Ravens...
Mark Ross of the Giants...
Rick Spielman of the Vikings...

One of those would sign up for the role once it was guaranteed that Snyder would not have controlling, meddling interest is day to day and personnel decisions.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Future is Now !!!

Pardon me while I bang my head!

Dan Snyder owns the Washington Redskins.
He is younger than me...
He owns a NFL Franchise worth over 1 Billion Dollars.
The last owner lived into his 80's and owned the Redskins for 30 years.

I don't have a Billion Dollars, and Danny Boy is probably going to live a LONG LONG time.

I know how long 30 - 40 years is.

Just how long is a Billion?

About a billion minutes ago, the Roman Empire was in full swing. (One billion minutes is about 1,900 years.)

About a billion hours ago, we were living in the Stone Age. (One billion hours is about 114,000 years.)

About a billion months ago, dinosaurs walked the earth. (One billion months is about 82 million years.)

My head is beginning to hurt again...

When is Washington ever going to get relief from this ownership?


Did I say Relief?

Hey, I seem to remember something about economic relief...

Now I know where to get a Billion plus dollars!

We need another Bail-Out !!!

A Redskin Bail-Out!

After all, it is just a drop in the bucket for the Feds.

Don't believe me?

Check this out...

Here is the Socialist plan...

There is also a great capitalistic opportunity! Think of the marketing ploys, commercial possibilities and such from the corporate free enterprise market too!

I sense a grass roots campaign starting...


Monday, October 12, 2009


Yes, everything about the Redskins is OFFENSIVE.

But I chose sieve for a reason.

We need to separate the good from the bad.

To quote Thomas Boswell from the Washington Post

Snyder and Gibbs had dinner here in Charlotte on Saturday night, according to a Redskins source. Since this is Gibbs's home, is that irony, intrigue or just appropriate? The day he left Redskins Park, Gibbs said he'd always be available if the owner ever wanted to talk. Okay, don't all scream at once: "Sell the team to Joe for a dollar." What Snyder ought to consider is offering Gibbs a piece of the Redskins if he'd just come back, not as a 100-hour-a-week coach but as some form of team president. Here's the job description: Do whatever it is that Dan and Vinny do. But better.

But there are two problems with this.

1) Vinni and Dan are not going to pony up to this.

2) Which of the currently available multi millionare, egomaniac, hall of fame or future hall of fame coaches would want to inherit this mess?

And to top it all off, it looks like I am going to go 1 for 3 again with my fantasy leagues.

I just had too many injured players or bye week players (in one case BOTH) to adequately cover my team.

Kinda like the Redskins...



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Money, Cows, and Cars

So this past week has been kind of crazy.

It started with would turn out to be a weird theme and this picture,

which my nephew called the worlds best squirt gun.

Then this post on cow tipping.

Then an ad on the back of a car for this company.

And speaking of Cars... Remember my son and the guardrail?

Well, it seems there was a lot more damage than initially thought, and the cost of repairs was almost equal to the value of the car.


So now we have a check from the insurance company to deposit, one less car (for the moment), and yet to be determined higher insurance costs...

Which brings about the third part of this post; Money.

At least the stock market had a good week for gains.

DOW was up 4%
S&P was up 4.5%
NASDAQ was up 4.5%

My current holding left over from last month CISG was up 8.75% for the week.

And my Starting Lineup Watch list was up 6.31% for the week with the top player CTFO up a whopping 32.74%! I had been thinking of selling CISG for buying CTFO but did not. Oh Well, I can't complain. 8% in one week is still really good and overall I am sitting at about 20% gain with this stock since last month.

You can always check on any of my starting lineup stocks with the yahoo finance badge I have posted on the right sideline.

I'll have to take a closer look at my stocks to see if it makes sense to stay with CISG or go with one of my current Watch list stocks.

So I'll leave you with this thought which was all brought about by a conversation with my Son's Girlfriends Roommate from South Korea.

Seems that this is her first time in the US and goes out to see anything and everything ever chance she gets and take lots of pictures...

Including Cows!

Of course we all love cows and think they are just simply the greatest animals to ever walk the earth.


Because they are always Out-Standing In Their Field!


Friday, October 9, 2009

A Legal Question

Is this statutory rape ???

Or is It just a moose demeanor.....


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 5 NFL Predictions

The first 6 are what I consider Gimmies . . .
Or at least they should be.

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills = BILLS

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Detroit Lions = STEELERS

Dallas Cowboys @ KC Chiefs = COWBOYS

Minnesota Vikings @ ST Louis Rams = VIKINGS

Oakland Raiders @ NY Giants = GIANTS

TB Buccaneers @ Philadelphia Eagles = EAGLES

Here is where it gets tricky . . .

Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers = REDSKINS
I really want the Skins to win, but I just have a bad feeling about this.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens = BENGALS
Hmmm I honestly went back and forth on this one. . . a lot!

Atlanta Falcons @ SF 49rs = 49rs
The 9rs, My new favorite team.
Actually I liked them before the season started. . .

NE Patriots @ Denver Broncos = PATS
The Bucking Broncos run stops here . . .

Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals = TEXANS

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks = JAGS

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans = COLTS
So, how soon until we see the Young one, Vincent?

NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins = DOLPHINS
They were the best win-less team, now they are the best one-win team.


Just a couple thoughts...


What a terrible week fantasy wise for me.

I almost went 2 - 1 but a couple purple people eaters played a good game of toss and catch and bumped me into the loosing category...

I have to admit, the old man looked good. Let's here it for the old guys!!! ;-)

On another note...

By now you all have heard that Coach Zorn has received the "I'm from corporate and I'm here to help" call.

Here's an idea... actually two...

Sherman is brought in to be an extra set of eyes...
He looks over the plays, players, and overall schemes...
Zorn ends up going .500 again or less for the second quarter and the Skins end up at best 4 -4 half way through the season...
By now Sherman knows the team, the play book, etc... etc...
Zorn gets the boot...
Blache is promoted to be filler and add some emotion and motivation for eight games...
Sherman takes over play calling...

Then in January... All Hell Breaks Loose...

I actually feel sorry for Zorn. He is a decent guy who is in over his head, trying too hard, too much, with not enough resources or backing from higher ups...

Maybe it will all work out in the end... Maybe...

Meanwhile, maybe Snyder should take a clue from another Sports Leader. Someone who does not sell hype, lies, or chases headlines. Someone who has always had a plan, lets everyone know what it is and the painful truth of how to get there, and shares in the success with his fans along with the wonderful rewards at the end.

You can always find him here. Online and in touch.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News Flash !

Washington -The Washington Redskins football practice was delayed nearly two hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white, powdery substance on the practice field. Head coach Jim Zorn immediately suspended practice and ...called the police and federal investigators. After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the white substance unknown to the players was the GOAL LINE.

And this just in...

Sherman Smith has been hired by the Washington Redskins to scout for Mike Holmgren.

Says Mike: "This will help everyone involved with the Redskins organization. Sherman will provide an extra set of eyes, be able to determine where the breakdowns are and give valuable advice to those who both want and need it. I have known Sherman for years and definitely would trust him to make the right decisions."


Monday, October 5, 2009

Red on the Redskins...

OK, so we all know the Redskins spotted the Bucs 10 points and a whole first half of a football game and still came back to win! Congratulations!

You all get to keep your jobs for one more week...

What I find most interesting about the game is not necessarily how the Redskins discovered some fire and came back to actually play some football; but rather all the Fan Activity.

There were those who showed their true opinions and practiced freedom of speech...

There were those who also showed their support for other quality Washington Teams...

And there were members of the CAPS on hand to ... Well, maybe they were there to help with emotions, and maybe share some INTENSITY with those who need it most....or even kick some field goals...

And then there were those who just did not think a plan through, like these guys...

Local Radio Station Holds a FAN BAG Give-away to wear at the GAME!

The great Paper Bag giveaway was a total flop!

Turns out, bags are prohibited inside the stadium, and there were multiple reports of the bags being confiscated by security.

And it seems we still have a few stragglers in the lost and confused category...

I'm almost hoping that the Redskins continue to spawn controversy, because I am beginning to really love all the local fans and their reactions! It's actually more fun and entertaining than some of their games...


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