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Friday, October 23, 2009


Yes it is sad, I'm already thinking about the 2010 draft.

Of course, The Redskins have only 5 picks so, unless if they draft 5 OL, I doubt there will be much change.

Speaking of change, I've been seeing lots of articles regarding the 2010 rookie pool and depth of talent.

Which is the real reason for this post.

If I were an owner or GM, I'd be looking to stock pile as many draft picks as possible for next year. Because if the NFL does away with the pool and basically opens up pay for rookies, then you are going to see even more underclass players jumping into the draft in hopes of getting the paycheck.

This will do nothing but deplete the talent pool(s) for at least the next 1 if not 2 - 3 years.

Of course, I hope the NFL limits the pool and rookie salaries as much as possible.
I really do not think that dangling that big salary carrot out there for rookies is a good idea. Most players (in my opinion) are not developed enough, physically - skillfully - or mentally, for the NFL prior to their Junior or even Senior year.

And yes I understand the injury argument too, but (I don't believe I'm saying this) there is more to life than football. But sadly, most people under the age of 30 do not realize this.


Looking at a brief list there are some interesting teams with lots of picks. Some good teams and some not so good.

New England of course has their fair share so they should continue to be a major factor in the NFL.
Detroit has quite a few too, so they should be well positioned to continue their rebuilding efforts.

Here is the list as I tallied it up for next year.

Cleveland 10
Kansas City 9
Buffalo 8
Detroit 8
Houston 8
Miami 8
New England 8
Oakland 8
San Francisco 8
Tampa Bay 8
Arizona 7
Atlanta 7
Baltimore 7
Cincinnati 7
Green Bay 7
Minnesota 7
New York Giants 7
Philadelphia 7
Pittsburgh 7
Seattle 7
St. Louis 7
Carolina 6
Dallas 6
Denver 6
Indianapolis 6
Jacksonville 6
New Orleans 6
San Diego 6
Tennessee 6
Chicago 5
New York Jets 5
Washington 5


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