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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Money, Cows, and Cars

So this past week has been kind of crazy.

It started with would turn out to be a weird theme and this picture,

which my nephew called the worlds best squirt gun.

Then this post on cow tipping.

Then an ad on the back of a car for this company.

And speaking of Cars... Remember my son and the guardrail?

Well, it seems there was a lot more damage than initially thought, and the cost of repairs was almost equal to the value of the car.


So now we have a check from the insurance company to deposit, one less car (for the moment), and yet to be determined higher insurance costs...

Which brings about the third part of this post; Money.

At least the stock market had a good week for gains.

DOW was up 4%
S&P was up 4.5%
NASDAQ was up 4.5%

My current holding left over from last month CISG was up 8.75% for the week.

And my Starting Lineup Watch list was up 6.31% for the week with the top player CTFO up a whopping 32.74%! I had been thinking of selling CISG for buying CTFO but did not. Oh Well, I can't complain. 8% in one week is still really good and overall I am sitting at about 20% gain with this stock since last month.

You can always check on any of my starting lineup stocks with the yahoo finance badge I have posted on the right sideline.

I'll have to take a closer look at my stocks to see if it makes sense to stay with CISG or go with one of my current Watch list stocks.

So I'll leave you with this thought which was all brought about by a conversation with my Son's Girlfriends Roommate from South Korea.

Seems that this is her first time in the US and goes out to see anything and everything ever chance she gets and take lots of pictures...

Including Cows!

Of course we all love cows and think they are just simply the greatest animals to ever walk the earth.


Because they are always Out-Standing In Their Field!


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