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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hoping for a Recovery

So, I’m still home with a sore back playing Mr. Mom trying to help get everyone healthy, or at least healthier.

All the while hoping that I do not come down with whatever they had.

I say this because my wife and I are convinced we have a couple different illnesses going around.

She and my oldest definitely had the flu. (probably swine flu) but without a proper test there is no way of telling for sure.

The other two kids had high fevers and very stuffy snuffled noses.

Me, I just had a bad back and a grumpy attitude.

So, this week we are hoping for a recovery.

Because we are way behind with Halloween preparations, work, and other daily duties already.

Well, enough about all that stuff already, and more about things related to this blog.

The Good News: I finally went 2 for 3 in my FF leagues. Even though Santas Little Helpers decided to under achieve, I still managed to defeat the former top dawg in the league.
My other win was a result of some other people being a bit stupid with trades which ended up giving me a half way decent team. I am no longer bottom feeder of the league. Watch out guys, here I come!

Bad News: Stocks are taking a beating this week.

Couple things I learned last night

I need a new TE in two of my fantasy leagues. Chris Cooley broke his ankle and is probably out for the rest of the year.

The Redskins didn’t look any better in HD.

Actually, statistically, on paper, they did not look all that bad. Just got killed with 6 sacks and 4 turn overs. Duh, that will kill your chances of winning most everytime.

It is looking like Snyder is, once again, managing to stay in the news and excel at what ever he does.

The bad news is that he is currently excelling at loosing.
Trouble is he is doing it at the expense of an entire organization.

And to top it all off, first there was all the bit about suing fans, now there is this about trying to silence the opposition on national TV.


But there is good news. Even though national sales of Redskin merchandise is down nearly 47% from last year; I have it on excellent authority that folks as far away as Michigan are still buying Redskin Merchandise! Imagine that! What are the odds?

Well, until next time

Be Good. Do Well. Have fun.


Sam October 29, 2009 at 1:13 AM  

Were fans really being kicked out of the stadium for wearing this stuff? I'm not a constitutional lawyer (but I play one on t.v.), but I'm fairly sure this is in direct violation of the right to free speech, isn't it? Man, this is getting ugly!

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