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Monday, October 5, 2009

Red on the Redskins...

OK, so we all know the Redskins spotted the Bucs 10 points and a whole first half of a football game and still came back to win! Congratulations!

You all get to keep your jobs for one more week...

What I find most interesting about the game is not necessarily how the Redskins discovered some fire and came back to actually play some football; but rather all the Fan Activity.

There were those who showed their true opinions and practiced freedom of speech...

There were those who also showed their support for other quality Washington Teams...

And there were members of the CAPS on hand to ... Well, maybe they were there to help with emotions, and maybe share some INTENSITY with those who need it most....or even kick some field goals...

And then there were those who just did not think a plan through, like these guys...

Local Radio Station Holds a FAN BAG Give-away to wear at the GAME!

The great Paper Bag giveaway was a total flop!

Turns out, bags are prohibited inside the stadium, and there were multiple reports of the bags being confiscated by security.

And it seems we still have a few stragglers in the lost and confused category...

I'm almost hoping that the Redskins continue to spawn controversy, because I am beginning to really love all the local fans and their reactions! It's actually more fun and entertaining than some of their games...



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