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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Trading List

This month I am trying something a bit new with my watch lists.

As a result of my various stock screens, I usually end up with anywhere between 40 and 80 potential stocks each month. From this list I can usually go through and pick out the final twenty that I want to have on my starting lineup and bench lists.

Well this month I had a real hard time deciding on my bench so I took an idea out of the NFL rule book and added a Practice Squad.

This month there is a diverse list of potential stocks to choose from ranging from Pink Slips to Large mega-billion dollar companies, from bio-pharms to retail to tech to industrials.

Each has different reasons to consider buying.

Starting lineup

MSFT Microsoft Corp
- Always a good buy when low and with a natural, but economic delayed, refresh cycle coming up of all their corporate OS and Apps is looking especially attractive.

DELL Dell Inc
- A beaten down tech company trying to rebuild and just might be turning the corning in time to catch an uptick in spending.

BKE Buckle, Inc. (The)
- There are a couple retailers on my lists and this is one which was just recently upgraded and showing good momentum.

FUQI Fuqi International, Inc.
- This company has always made it through my filters and screens and I usually do not pick it because of personal choice to avoid gold and precious metal stocks. However this one is now in a good potential reversal “W” pattern and officially meets one of the Fumbled Returns stock picking strategies. So here it is making its grand debut.

GFRE Gulf Resources, Inc.
- This one appears to be in a good horizontal trading pattern which would be good for those of you who like to buy and sell on the dips and peaks. Buy below 8.5 and sell close to or above 9.5

HITK Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.
- This is a risky play because they are reporting Wednesday and definitely has the potential to not surprise analysts. However, it does appear to be in the bottom part of a cup and handle pattern and is worth a watch for a reversal trend upwards.

- Another possible “cup” pattern with a little upside potential with a big name brand Pharm company.

JKS JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd
- This, as well as the following two, show really good strength and momentum in price, volume and ownership.


AMRN Amarin Corp Plc


VHC VirnetX Holding Corp
- Recent patent lawsuit settlement and rumors of possible buyouts has fueled the stock. Patents are always a good thing and larger cash rich companies could view buying them out as a cheaper alternative to legal fees and settlement charges.

ARO Aeropostale Inc
- Another well known and liked (I have teenagers) name brand always well positioned to not only ride out a bad economy but to also recover well once spending has started. And just in case you have not noticed, school is back in session and teenagers never want to show up in last years fashions.

ASYS Amtech Systems Inc
- This is another company with monthly volume and ownership rising.

BPI Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
- The Feds just released a report which showed which “for profit” educational companies could meet their financial reform guidelines. Only four came through with flying colors. This is one of them and its stock is on the rise.

BZ Boise Inc Boise Inc.
- This company does not specifically meet any pattern or trend rule of mine but rather a good growth prospect at a good value.

- Another good retail company that refuses to lose money even during a recession. And investors are rewarding them.

EBAY eBay Inc
- Another first for me listing. This stock is down but the company certainly is not out. With the economy being bad and school, holidays and par, folks are looking for bargains, and

HRS Harris
- A federal contractor whose stock also seems to be in a possible “w” reversal pattern.

- This is another company not in any particular pattern but definitely well positioned to benefit from any uptick in tech spending. Good growth potential at a good price value.

MRVL Marvell Technology Group Ltd
- It has been a while since this company has made the list and it has bounced up nicely recently and is now in a potential breakout pattern pushing up against a resistance level.

Practice Squad

- A good retail tech company which happens to be at a peak instead of a low. Look to buy at 23.

ISH International Shipholding Corp
- Another potential good growth prospect at a value.

NSR NeuStar Inc
- Good contrarian market play potential here with a well run company

POWL Powell Industries, Inc.
- Growth and Value

PPG PPG Industries Inc
- A large long term investment – not really a great fit for my fumbled criteria.

PTEC Phoenix Technologies Ltd
- This is a company that was bought up – or at least accepted an offer. Usually I write these off the list but recent rumors and interest from other potential buyers may fuel a bidding war.

SCL Stepan Company
- Another growth for value play with a good company

SNDK SanDisk Corp
- This was on a previous list and now makes an interesting contrarian play with a good well run company.

AVARF Avalon Rare Metals Inc
- I usually avoid pink slip stocks but this and the following one are showing really good strength and momentum with up-ticks in ownership and volume.

FRMSF First Majestic Silver Corp


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