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Friday, September 10, 2010

Here is my Solution

You know, football is filled with political references.
There are your right wingers, your left wingers, even people who just want to be center.

With the impending NFL lockout next year and the possibility of the NFL shutting down. (BTW - I do not see it happening) but lets just go with this no nfl possibility, we should organize all these religious / political groups and organizations into teams.

Give them all helmets and pads and let them have at it on the football field for 60 minutes.

You can't tell me that nobody on any of these teams is good at scheming and coming up with ways to get the other guy. And believe me, you would have more than enough different religious / political teams to populate a whole league.

You could even get the atheists involved. They could be the referees.

Anyway after the game is over everyone would shake hands and congratulate each other and go back to their regular lives for the week and come back again the following weekend to do it all over again.

You could sell tickets, bump up the price of concession stands, sell commercial and video rights, even have betting pools on the side. All profits would go to a lets just all get along fund.

I bet we could make enough money to build whatever community / mosque or Greek orthodox building we wanted to at or near ground zero.

Now for a name...


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