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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What a wild week of football to kick off the season. First week and we already have our first handcuff play at running back.

Of course I am talking about Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson of the Green Bay Packers. Believe it or not, in my Borderless League Brandon Jackson is, for the moment, still available. In the first annual Fumbled Returns League of Experts, he is already off the board. But back to the Borderless League...

Ricks team was is the lucky recipient of the week one handcuff conundrum. He had has Ryan Grant, and in an incredible twist of fate and luck, there is only one thing standing in his way from being able to pick up Jackson off of waivers.

No, it is not me, though as commish I could pull some strings, but I would never do that. No, the only thing standing in Ricks way is the person who is first on the waiver order list. Rick, is second and the one thing about Rick is that he is, has been and always will be the most active person in the league playing the waivers.

I can’t argue with him, he has won the championship once and has consistently been in the playoffs, but because he is such a big spender, (we charge a dollar for each add and a dollar for each drop), often he has to win just to break even.

This year I decided to try my hand at playing the handcuff game strategy but as of yet, it is still early, it has not paid off. There are two ways to play this strategy. One is to backup your top back(s) with the handcuff. The other way is to play spoiler and pick the handcuff to somebody elses top back.

I chose the latter. I have Anthony Dixon (Frank Gore), and Javon Ringer (Chris Johnson). I had thought of Chester Taylor (Matt Forte) but he was long gone by the time the late round pickings occurred in the draft so I went another route.

Of course this strategy is very hit or miss, since one never knows who or when or even if it will ever happen but hey, that is why we play the game.


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