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Thursday, September 16, 2010

By The Numbers

Totally unrelated to Fumbled Returns but here are my annual physical numbers now and 30 + months ago, since I took my diet and health resolutions:

Yes, I did say annual and 30 months...


Age: 45
Height: 6-1
Weight: 230 lbs
BP Range: 130-140 over 85-95
Glucose: 80 (but tolerance test indicated hypoglycemic or is it hyper? It is the one when it keeps dropping instead of leveling off)
Cholesterol: 230
Triglycerides: 150
LDL: 130
HDL: 60


Age: 48
Still 6-1
Weight: 190 lbs (I actually did get down to 180 but wine and yogurt deserts have not helped lately)
BP Range: 120-130 over 70-90
Glucose: 76 (no tolerance test this time - I swore I'd never take another one again)
Cholesterol: 190
Triglycerides: 67
LDL: 108
HDL: 62

And yes there are a whole bunch of other numbers associated with my blood work but all those were always in the normal ranges. The ones I wrote above are the only ones worth mentioning.

My doc is probably 10 years younger than me and he says my numbers are better than his. I don't believe him but I'll take the complement.

He actually started going through a whole laundry list of generalized symptoms looking for something that was wrong. He even asked me even if I wanted something to help with possible allergy sinus headaches (which I almost never get).

Last time, because of my not so good numbers, he threatened me with statins and the possibility of diabetes and blood pressure medication.

This time he had nothin.

I almost feel sorry for him.



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