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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cheap Shots - Revisited

Not that I am a believer in “hitting them when their down” or politically incorrect cheap shots, but here is one worth publishing. In order to give credit where credit is due, I took a screen shot.

Romo shouldn’t worry though, I’m sure Jerry can still get him good seats to the Superbowl !

There, I feel better for having dumped on da boys.

Now on to the rest of my post...

I think I am going to change my teams name in my Borderless Fantasy League to the Bar Brawlers.

Right now they are called The Fun Bunch (my little protest and honor to the good ol’ days).

But after picking up Kenny Britt and moving him to the starting roster and totally blowing away my competition. I think a name change might be in order.

(Confession time) The only reason I played him was because DeSean was knocked out (literally) this week.

If anybody made a case for not being on the bench (bar stool) or otherwise, it was Kenny Britt.

It was a good week for my Fumbled Returns League of Experts team too!

I figured if the Giants defense could beat up on Cutler and the bears, so could the Skins.

In a game where I swear they were both trying to see who could throw the game more, The Skins Defense ended up being my teams top scoring “player” on the team.

And speaking of the Giants, I suppose congratulations are in order. Though I had my hopes up that da boys would actually win this one and force a tie with my beloved Skins and the Giants. Imagine that, me routing for da boys! What was I thinking ?

But alas, the football gods had other plans.


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