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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ted Leonsis is a Wizard

I must say, Ted Leonsis certainly knows how to keep himself busy.
Last week I received, actually all registered Caps fans received, this email.

Then today in his blog he published this post which talks about conference calls with literally hundreds of Fans and season ticket holders as well as the thousands of emails he has received since becoming owner of the Wizards.

He has published a brief synopsis of a “to do list” from all these “interactions with fans”.

· Play more organ music at the games.
· Reset the lighting.
· Retrain the staff to be more sensitive to game dynamics.
· Delete “Defense” chants.
· Play less loud music during the games — want to hear the sneakers on the floor.
· Redo game presentations to be more family oriented.
· Make cheerleading squad more family oriented.
· Change colors for team uniforms.
· Consider name change of team.
· Paint the stairs.
· Announcers to be more professional and less “cheerleaders.”
· Improve security outside of building.
· Many more season ticket holder benefits.
· Consistency in pricing — don’t discount tickets next to me.
· Colder beer and more choices for beer.
· Kosher food.
· Vegetarian fare on menu.
· More vendors come into stands to service customers.
· Refill the ketchup.
· Refill the mustard.
· Clean the bathrooms more in game.
· Windex the mirrors.
· Make sure toilet paper is refilled during games.
· Make sure paper towels are refilled during games.
· More Wizards history evident in building.Want to see more alumni at games.
· Want more web analytics made available — don’t be afraid to publish stats.
· Want more access to players.
· Market more in Baltimore.
· Market more in Virginia.
· More youth basketball tie-in.
· Continue Pollin legacy for charitable efforts.
· Open the second floor to all fans.
· Paint and freshen up the building.
· Clean the windows.
· Stop the scalping.
· Help customers resell tickets they can’t use via online services.
· Create cross team sales packages — all three teams.
· Create GM online blog.
· Create coaches online blog.
· Find a way to open some practice sessions.
· Create more and better merchandising options.
· Consistency in team structure and rebuild.
· Commit to draft and develop young players.
· Work on infrastructure for health and well being of players.
· Re-embrace Gilbert Arenas.
· Don’t trade your first round picks.
· Add more first round picks.
· Owners must sit in stands.
· Owner must sit in seats on top level to meet fans.
· Owner must meet and greet fans.
· Owner must read and respond to emails.
· Fresher hot dog buns.
· Manage crowd control at vending stations in an improved format.
· Communicate the rebuild plan — stick to it.
· New clothing for in-game employees.
· Do deals with local merchants to help fans save money.
· Embrace the blogosphere.
· Sign free agents.
· Make the playoffs.
· Win a championship.

The list goes on and on and on.

I must say, it is refreshing to have a local owner and leader so open and communicative with his teams fan base.

Though he will have to be a true Wizard if fans expect him to pull all these to do lists off.

Ted was quoted recently in the Washington post that he is “a firm believer in the wisdom of crowds . . . the trick is picking the right crowd.”

Scrolling through this list of “suggestions”, it's funny to see that obviously one cannot please all the people all the time and that some suggestions not only contradict each other but would be logistically difficult to pull off well.

Kudos to Ted.

Now get busy cleaning those bathrooms and filling those Ketchup bottles... ;-)
Though not necessarily in that order...


I, and I’m sure many thousands of others, wish him well, good luck and look forward to him working his magic and giving Washington another winning and successful franchise.


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