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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, it is now officially playoff season.

Fantasy Football Playoffs that is.

And I have managed to qualify in both my leagues.

First, in my Borderless League, I limped into the playoffs by loosing my last 2 games by a heart wrenching 6 total points. No matter, even though I had a mediocere 7 - 6 record, I had the second highest point total in the 12 team league. I won my division (the top 3 teams all tied with a 7 - 6 record) because of that high point total. That means I win the division and I get that all important 1st round bye and a guarenteed extra $50 bucks!

In my Fumbled Returns League of Experts I again won my division as well. Though no money was involved, I do get bragging rights! :-)

On the real football front, it appears that the Redskin organization has FINALLY getting around to expelling Sir Albert and attempting to recover some of the insanely high priced salary cap hit they have taken.

Has this proven to be a distraction?
Was signing him in the first place a stupid thing to do?
Were Shanny and Allen dealt a bad hand?
Now that he is "technically" gone, will this continue to be a distraction?

Reports are asking, and will continue to ask every coach and player and fan possible...

Was this a distraction?
Are you glad it is finally over?
Do you think he will be back next year?

We should have cut him before the season even started, or at least put him on the physically/mentally unable to perform list.

You could have gotten a lot more money back.


Sam December 7, 2010 at 9:06 PM  

I think if you have to be asked "is this a distraction," it pretty much means that it's a distraction. Funny how players and coaches never admit it, though.

Now that the Redskins have captured the headlines again (briefly dominated by the Broncos), I guess that means some new drama has to develop on the Vikings front to steal the headlines back. Great.

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