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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Know the Rules

These are my Fumbled Returns Rules of Fantasy Football.

Rule #1: Have Fun.

Rule #2: KISS (Keep it Simple . . .)

This is especially true if you are commissioner. Clearly defined and agreed upon rules before the season starts is essential will save everyone heartache.

•Establish rules that everyone can live with and make sure everyone understands them
•Stick to those rules, giving one team preferential treatment will undermine the leagues credibility.
•If your league is playing for money, make the money aspect secondary to the competitive aspect. Its amazing how a two dollar controversy can snowball.
•Solve any league controversies quickly and decisively
•Every leagues scoring parameters are unique and different, don't make them complicated.

Rule #3: There is no “i” in fantasy. Just like the real thing, this is a team sport and the competition of and interaction between owners and the rest of the league and system is what makes this the most fun.

Rule #4: Bragging rights are priceless. Just like the real world sports. The goal is the playoffs and ultimately the championship.

Rule #5: Come up with a strategy. Look for favorable match ups and potential players on the waiver wire. And then laugh at yourself and others as everyone watches that strategy crash and burn with an unknown backup or mediocre team suddenly getting hot and blowing that strategy out of the water! (But I would suggest not getting too carried away with lots of trades and switches – Remember the long term goals).

Rule #6: Be sure you know all the deadlines for trades and waivers and any little custom settings (like in my league of Punt and Kick Return yards) Josh Cribbs Rocks in these leagues but totally #$@! In regular leagues.

Rule #7: Remember the first 6 and come back next year and sign up all over again.


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