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Sunday, January 18, 2009

OK, So what makes me an expert....

The Internet... LOL
Honestly, regarding stocks, I have about a half dozen screens that I've put together (on free sites) that I run once a month. From there I come up with a short list of stocks based a couple of factors like:
Frequency (how many times the same stock shows up on different screens)
Note Worthy News (mentioned in other articles, product announcements, etc)
Key Financial Indicators (PEG/Ratios, Debt Ratios, Estimates, %ownership, etc)
And yes interesting Patterns (I'll admit it, I dabble in pattern investing from time to time)

So, How have I done with my January Short List?

Note: I certainly do not have enough money to invest in all these. I usually pick one or maybe two (if any at all). As of right now, the market is too scary for me to invest a lot of money for a really long time. So, I have been investing a little for a short time. And yes I did invest in two which I may sell to collect my gains and possibly invest in my upcomming February short list.

Which ones did I pick? Fortunately they are still both gainers. The deciding factor in this case was an article which I read that basically said "the word recession is not in electronic gamers vocabulary". So I took a chance on GIGM and GME.

And how have I done with Fantasy Football?

I'll save that for another post... ;-)


Gimpdiggity January 19, 2009 at 8:24 PM  

Doug, what happened to the post about fantasy football?? It was there, and I was planning to come back and comment on it, but now it's gone!!!!

I, too, had an up and down year in FFL. One championship, one second place, one fifth place, and then one 6th place. In the two that I didn't do so well in, I went away from my plans big time when things started to unravel early, and I never got back on track.

Doug January 19, 2009 at 11:25 PM  

Try it now...
I saw that the formatting on my fundamentals fantasy post was not what I thought it was and attempted to 'fix' it.
And in so doing, Poof! It all disappeared! :-O

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