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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Future is Here

This app alone just might convince me to get an iphone.

Unlike almost every sports app out there, Pre Play doesn’t just give you scores and stats – you can play along, and here’s how:

Every button represents a possible outcome for the next play. If you press RUN<5 you are predicting a run of less than five yards for the next play.

So let’s say you pressed Run < 5 and you’re right. How many points do you get? Well, that depends on how risky your guess was. If it was 3rd & 1 at the time of your guess, you’ll probably only get a few points because that was an obvious choice. But if you predicted a Touchdown when the offense was 80 yards from the endzone, you’d score big! And if you’re wrong, that’s a standard –10 pts.

How do we tell which outcomes are obvious and which ones aren’t, you ask? The Pre Play Sports scoring system scans 120,000 historical plays and looks at exactly how probable your guess was to happen based on historical plays just like it.

But what if you make a guess and the next play is a penalty, timeout, fumble, or some other crazy thing that can happen in a game that we don’t have a button for? No need to worry, this won’t affect your score in any way. The same goes if you decide to sit out a few plays.

On 3rd Down, the game screen changes. The prediction is whether the offense will get a 1st Down or the defense will hold them to a 4th Down.

Last, but not least, you can make predictions for KICKOFF and PUNT RETURNS if you’re playing on v1.4 or later! Use the slidebar to predict where you think the ball will be after the return.

They even have pre play leagues.

Check them out at


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