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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


While I was reflecting back on 2010 and working on my 2011 goals, one topic I came across made me think. Where are they now?

We all know the story of Michael Vick, College Standout, Top Draft Pick, Top tier QB, Dog Fighting Ring Leader, Convict, Reformed Convict, NFL QB, and the latest chapter MVP. No matter what anybody says, for or against, that is a pretty remarkable life.

Well, he is also MVCT.

Most Valuable Chew Toy!

Last year as part of my Mutt Madness Contest the winner got a MVCT (I just realized that it also stands for Michael Vick Chew Toy!) Well, we of course ordered an extra one for our dogs as well.

So, what sort of life has the chew toy had?

I must say, that the hounds have loved him to death!

Greyhounds tend to like soft squishy and squeaky toys better, but both or foster greyhound Lola (above) and Hero teamed up to finally finish him off for good by the end of 2010.

Maybe for 2011 we can find one that squeaks when you bite him . . .


Sam January 4, 2011 at 11:56 AM  

I posted a pic of my Gracie and her Michael Vick chew toy on the Minnesota Boxer Rescue Facebook page and got lots of great comments!

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