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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and Top Ten of 2010

First of all: I hope everyone has had, is having, and will have a Happy New Year!

Reflecting on what has happened over the course of 2010, one of the things I looked at was my blog.

I have been keeping Google Analytics running on for this site for quite some time and I also noticed that blogger itself has started doing the same thing.

I love looking at statistics. People think they are unbiased, but they are not.
I look at them kind of like quotes. You can use them to point out or prove just about anything you want.

But what struck me as interesting about both Google Analytics and Blogspot Stats is both the similarities and differences. This was especially interesting because I thought Google bought out Blogger. I would have thought they would use the same methodology for collecting statistics. But obviously they do not.

So in the spirit of sports, more specifically the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll and the BCS Poll, all of which I often find equally baffling; here is my Top 10 Fumbled Returns Posts.

First, Google Analytics Top Ten

Rank -- Page -------------------------- Views
1) ---- The conditioning test --------- 3035
2) ---- Dog Gone Spies ---------------- 261
3) ---- Three Cheers for Health Care -- 104
4) ---- An Educated Investor ---------- 89
5) ---- Impersonation ----------------- 85
6) ---- Leap Frog Commentary ---------- 84
7) ---- NFL Stocks -------------------- 72
8) ---- Ready Set Go ------------------ 63
9) ---- Mutt Madness ------------------ 58
10)---- Last but not least ------------ 57

Second, Blogger Stats

Rank -- Page -------------------------- Views
1) ---- Conditioning Test ------------- 3,920
2) ---- Leap Frog Commentary ---------- 416
3) ---- Dog Gone Spies ---------------- 357
4) ---- Impersonation ----------------- 266
5) ---- An Educated Investor --------- 181
6) ---- Last but not least ------------ 132
7) ---- NFL Stocks - Revisited -------- 110
8) ---- New Plays --------------------- 65
9) ---- Randy Moss, Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger - 55
10) --- I want ------------------------ 45

Obviously I have to thank Fat Albert Haynesworth and the Washington Redskins for the inspiration and Extra Mustard for accepting my submission. They are the real reason for the surge in views for that particular post.

All the expert Bloggers say quality is better than quantity when it comes to blogging but, as we all know, a viral video or two doesn't hurt either.

These stats can be pretty good for looking at key words and where the viewing traffic comes from; Like some of my referring sites Snot Bubble Football, Life with Dogs (blog hop), Networked Blogs, Facebook; but I'd also like to ask anybody who happens to be reading this if their favorite post is listed and what they like most and least about my blog.

So go ahead, let'er rip, I can take it.

I'm actually contemplating some changes and my asking here helps with my decisions and my upcoming soon to be posted 2011 goals.

Thanks for helping make my year of blogging fun and interesting and hope you all stick around for 2011.

As always, be good, do well, have fun.


Sam January 1, 2011 at 8:41 AM  

I enjoy reading anything fantasy football or Redskins related, Doug. I'm not a Redskins fan, as you know, but I am passionate about my Vikings and I respect anyone who is equally passionate about their home team and I enjoy their opinions about their team. Keep up the good work in 2011! It certainly has been a season to remember (?) for both the Vikings and Redskins. But there's always next year! Or at least I hope so!

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