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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March watch list update

It seems that my fantasy picking patterns have infiltrated my stock picking patterns.

So far this month, my bench is outscoring my starting lineup.

March watch list has a less than impressive +2.65% overall gain
March cut list has a decent +11.92% gain.

I have been fortunate in that Mindray (MR) is up almost +15% from my purchase point, so I think I will take the money and look for something to invest for the remainder of the month.

Some choices that come to mind are:

GME - Recently knocked down by Amazon entry into giving credit for used games traded in. However this is not the same as GameStop since one has to wait for the store credit and GameStop already tried this and stopped it because it did not have a huge impact on sales.

GIGM - Which seems to be making a slight comeback from recent lows.

SWHC - Smith & Wesson - not on any of my screens but has been on an absolute tear upwards in this market due to increased sales and the perception of doom and gloom by everyone else. This stock seems to be attracting investors like moths to a light bulb.

Until later in the month... Happy investing!


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