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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something I've Never Done Before

So I am guaranteed to stink it up....

Hence my team name of CowFieldPatties...

Seriously, I do like baseball and have played on various company and church leagues over time. I've just never done fantasy baseball before and I only casually follow the sport during the year.

A couple years ago, my son Mark and daughter Genna and I went to our first Nationals Game. Actually, it was a Baseball first for Genna and Mark. And what a "first experience" it was!

I had won the tickets in a company raffle for a charity challenge event. The tickets were donated to the charity raffle and all proceeds went towards the company charity for that year. The tickets were actually really good seats (about 20 rows up from the field near 3rd base) and the game was right near Marks birthday so I put in my bid(s) and got the tickets.

The game we went to was an evening/night game during the summer and it got absolutely rained out! It was actually kinda cool to be there at the stadium, at night, watching it pour buckets of rain down on the field. There was even a really good lightning show!

It was not a total loss however; there are all the types of arcade areas for fans to have fun. You can even go against a virtual major league pitcher or batter to see if you can hit it out of the park or strike him out.

So, the game was rained out and rescheduled for the following day. I was a little annoyed since: A) we already went on a long trip and it was a late night for the kids and B) if we were to go back, it meant taking the day off.

I managed to get the OK to take the day off and so back we went the next day.

The rescheduled game was early in the day as a double header. The regularly scheduled game was still set to start that very same evening. Now, as is often the case after a major storm front comes through, that day was the total opposite weather wise. Remember, this was summertime in Washington and we have our share of the 3 H's. Hazy, Hot and Humid.

Of course our seats were in the sun and we ended up sweating and melting in the sweltering heat. Fortunately, the Nationals are not that good and we were able to move to a shady area and find some available seats.

In the process of all this, I discovered a neat little secret. I noticed that people in suits and ties were showing up off and on throughout the game, taking a seat, staying for a little while and then leaving. No they were not secret service... I realized that folks were making a quick trip to the stadium during their lunch hours.

If one happens to work in DC, rained out - rescheduled day games make a great lunch hour.

For 5 bucks, you can go to the stadium and watch an inning or so of a major league baseball game.

Actually the 5 bucks is the same day admission rate for unsold tickets. But how cool is it to be able to go walk out of your office, hop on the metro and see some baseball during your lunch hour, all for 5 bucks!


Gimpdiggity March 29, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

Good luck Doug.

I also don't pay enough attention to baseball to actually field a team. I like the sport, but I think the number of games really deters me from paying attention to WHO is doing WHAT as far as players go. I can generally tell you which TEAM is doing well, but unless it's someone that plays for the Tigers or a major star, I generally have no clue how any specific players are doing.

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