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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can't please everyone...

All the time, so you might as well stand your ground and stand up for your beliefs...

Bet you didn't think anybody could, or dare would, put Johnny Weir and Tim Tebow together... but I will.

Now I am the first one to sign the petitions against cruelty to animals and censorship, so don't get me wrong... but as unlikely a pair of athletes they both, for better or worse are being true to who they are. So bravo to them.

In Weirs case, Animal rights group unhappy with Weir wearing fur, Johnny boy says, so what - "All skaters are wear animals on their feet!" Cow leather.

Just because it is not cute and cuddly (the cow that is , not Johnny) animal rights ignore that little but all important fact that all skates have leather.

Yes, he could have avoided all this hubbub by simply using fake fur, but hey, as he says, his focus is on skating and people suffering, not necessarily animals.

If you don't like it, don't watch the Olympics.

Timmy, knows he doesn't do behind the center QB well, and instead of sweeping it under the rug and hiding in mystery, goes out and practices in order to improve himself and show others he is willing to work at his dream of becoming an NFL QB.

Plus, he and his family are standing by their beliefs despite the fact that various women's rights groups are trying to get CBS to kill their ad regarding abortion. Never mind the fact that if Pam Tebow had followed said women's rights and other doctors advice when she was with child, there would not be a Tim Tebow and we would not be having this discussion!

Kudos to Johnny and Tim.

Poopoos to the activists and right to choose groups for trying to manipulate public sports figures and television companies.


the Handrew January 29, 2010 at 11:34 AM  

That is one fly outfit. I might have to protest if he removed the fur. It looks like Tebow is a little jealous of the outfit.

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