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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quote of the day

Every year there tends to be some trend

- Eric Mangini

It comes from this article at Comcast Sports where a prediction was made that we could see a return of the dreaded "single wing" formation which they claim is a next step evolution of the "wildcat" and predicated with having a QB like Jim Thorpe who can run, throw, block and handle the physical punishment inherent with all those responsibilities.

Perhaps someone like Tim Tebow would be a good choice?

Talk of the wildcat and the single wing was the #1 topic of 5 trends to watch.

#3 was the use of cheap inexpensive second string QB's to back up the high priced starting star QB's.

Of course, one probably does not want your high priced star QB trying to be Jim Thorpe, so perhaps get the second stringer to do it...

Can anybody say Michael Vick and the Eagles?

The number #2 topic was the use of unbalanced lines. It seemed that the basis of this was more on injuries and needing to adapt. However, I've heard the Skins talk about using two TE at the same time. Perhaps a variation of the unbalanced line and the single-wing/wildcat formation would be cool to watch?

#4 was The second 400-carry rusher since the 2001 season. And we all know who they are talking about...

I just do not see this as a trend? But it is ironic that this could happen in a league that is seeing more and more running back by committee.

What's #5? You'll just have to read the article to find out...

But back to Eric, (hint, I do not see him getting the benefits of #5)

Sorry Eric, the only trend I see in Cleveland is 4 wins, then 5 wins, then could we possibly be more excited with the possibility of (6) wins in 2010?

Gee, he had a quote a couple years ago which may come back to haunt him...

I thank you guys for having the vision to make me your head coach


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