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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scrimmage Time

Yesterday we had our first county youth football scrimmage. This is opening day for the league and every team from every division gathers at one of the local high school fields and we all do a round robin style 15 minute scrimmage against each team in the division. There are also loads of goodies for sale and games for the non-football inclined who happen to get dragged along by the parental units.

In a previous post I mentioned that this 10 - 12 year old division is probably to toughest one to coach and play in. That is because there is always a handful of 12 year olds that are HUGE!

This year each team seems to have at least one kid who fits this description.

You can get a good idea of this in the following video. Here he is the fullback and clears a nice path up the middle for the running back.

We also have a play when he gets the ball (equally successful) and an option play (which I tragically did not get because I was preoccupied by our youngest one - William - who wanted to go play on the big bouncy castle instead). The option play went 1 - 2. First attempt was incomplete, the second was for a TD - the receiver was all alone down field. :-)

Sorry for the poor video quality, but I had the old crappy does not focus camera. The good one was reserved by my better half to capture pictures of the new greyhound.

Yes, we have a new foster, so if you or someone you know would like to adopt a retired racer, let us know.

Until next time...

Be Good, Do Well, Have Fun !


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