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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

AFC Fumbles and Returns Part 2

Who are going to be the biggest disappointments of the 2010 season?

Who will drop the ball, literally and figuratively?

And . . .

Who is going to pick it up, turn it around, and surprise in 2010?

This is the second part of my Fumbles and Returns , the predictions for my AFC Fumblers and Returns (sleepers).

Fumbled Fantasy Players for 2010:
Here is my list for biggest possible disappointments :

C.J. Spiller – Buffalo Bills RB
Face it. The Bills suck are not very good and they do not have a good supporting cast for C.J. Too Bad. Anywhere else, and he would not be on this list.

Chad Henne – Miami Dolphins QB
I know, everybody has him as a breakout sleeper and they have Brandon Marshall. I just do not think he is going to live up to expectations. Without a stud RB, they will not be able to take the pressure off of the passing duo. That is why the dolphins invented perfected the wildcat offense in the first place.

Reggie Wayne – Ind Colts WR
Yes he is an all pro and has been rock solid but there are too many young colts on the rise and Reggie is getting to the Mr. Wayne stage of his career. He is still good but will not get the attention or the stats that he has in past years.

(can you tell I never bet on the favorites to win?)

Most Fumbled AFC Team for 2010?

My prediction for the biggest AFC Fumbled Returns disappointment team still goes to the Denver Broncos.

I love what they did in the draft and I believe they will be a great team in a couple years. But they still have Orton and the QB of the future, Tim Tebow, still needs a couple years to achieve his destiny.

But, with that said, they also have the potential to be the surprise team and have a real sleeper or two in Tebow and the mighty Quinn.

But I’m skeptical . . .

As for the biggest surprises, the sleepers of 2010?

Greatest Return Fantasy Players for 2010:
There are a ton of potential picks here and any one of can make excellent later round picks or waiver wire additions.

Donald Brown – Indianapolis Colts RB (possibly)
Michael Bush – Oakland Raiders RB (Either him or McFadden, After holding on to him for the last 2 years I'm dropping him from my roster so he is most certainly guaranteed a break out year)
Montario Hardesty and Jerome Harrison – Cleveland Browns RB’s (Pick Harrison)
Ben Tate - Houston Texans RB (definitely)
Davone Bess – Miami Dolphins WR (he's the "other" guy)
Kenny Britt – Tenessee Titans WR (definitely)
Brandon Stokley – Denver Broncos WR (hardly a sleeper in my opinion - too well known)
Mike Wallace – Pittsburgh Steelers WR (ditto)
Jacoby Jones – Houston Texans WR (yup)
Chaz Schilens – Oakland Raiders WR
(another good one for the later rounds)

But, as promised, I’m going to pull a couple out of my pocket and list some true sleepers . . .

Kansas City Chiefs have a little rookie by the name of Dexter Mcluster. This little guy, yes he is tiny even for , well anybody's standard, if he makes the team, he is a true speedster and if you have a league that counts return yards I definitely can see him making a big impact. I also would not be surprised to see him in a bit of a wild-cat play or two or special trick play.

Last year the darling of the NFL was Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans. He had a record number of touches and although he is young and strong, nobody can continue to take that kind of punishment. So look for Vince Young and the previously mentioned Kenny Britt to make more of an impact. If you want to choose one, pick the QB. Hopefully CJ will not get hurt, but if he does look to Vince and the passing game to pick up the slack because after CJ, they got nobody to run the ball.

And for my last back pocket sleepers, Rashad Jennings and Deji Karim both running backs with the Jacksonville Jaguars are perhaps the two best backups in the conference to MJD.

So that leaves which team I predict will be the surprise team of the AFC.

If it is not Denver, then I pick . . .

Hmmm let me see, I have three choices . . .

The Oakland Raiders. Nobody is expecting anything from them. Nothing at all.
Maybe their line is a little better from the draft and that gives McFadden a chance to run and Jason a chance to throw?

But, this is still the same Oakland Raiders who picked Heyward-bey over, well just about everyone else... So I am more hopeful than optimistic.

But they did have a good draft and off season acquisition so there could be some surprises from them!

Cleveland Browns. Cleveland has two really good backs and I think they have a really decent Offensive Line, but they really need a ready for prime time QB in order to excel in their division. Perhaps some day, but not today.

Houston Texans. Every time I watched them last year I kept telling myself that all they really needed was a good defense. Well, that seems to be exactly what they went out and tried to do with the draft this year. I am going to go out on a limb and pick them as the biggest surprise. Because they will challenge the Colts for the division title!

So there you have it. The surprise team of the AFC to challenge for the division title and a handful of sleepers to add to your list.

Happy Drafting!


Sam July 15, 2010 at 8:42 PM  

Very interesting reading... I am of a different opinion on a number of things, but that is what makes fantasy football such a fun little hobby.

Dexter McCluster will make the team; the Chiefs took him 36th overall. He could have a Darren Sproles-type of impact with the Chiefs.

The Texans need a running back to emerge from that stable they've got -- and losing Dunta Robinson will hurt them. But they are close...

I'm chalking up McFadden as a bust. I'll blog a little on the Raiders over at my place on Friday!

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