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Sunday, July 18, 2010

NFC Fumbles and Returns

Who’s going to surprise?

Who’s going to disappoint?

If you follow Fantasy Football, you probably have seen tons of articles on sleepers and busts. You probably have one or two lists of your own.

Here is mine in no particular order. (To Start)

Matt Ryan – QB – Falcons
If you read my AFC 2009 Fumblers and Returns post, then you know much of the surprise sleepers list was dominated by folks who were injured; maybe even got the “injury prone” label and were written off. Matt fits this mold perfectly. Based on my expert research, mock drafts, I am picking Matt Ryan as my comeback sleeper of the year. It seems that he has really fallen off the radar in the mock drafts I’ve been in and I can’t believe how low he has been drafted, if at all ! Maybe I’m drafting against idiots. Maybe I’m the idiot. But that is what makes Fantasy Football so Great!

Jay Cutler – QB – Da Bears
He can’t possibly do worse than he did last year can he? Talk about not living up to potential and hype! Well, Maybe? It is for this reason that folks either are listing him as the sleeper of the year or one of the biggest fall guys in the NFL. My vote. Fall Guy.

Josh Freeman – QB – TB Bucs
How do you dramatically improve your offensive firepower? The Oakland Raiders took the “get a better QB approach” to flipping the O switch to the ON position. The Bucs took the “here are a bunch of good and fast receivers to throw to” approach. Josh has all the physical skills to be a great QB. Lets hope he develops the mental ones.

Matt Moore – QB – Carolina
OK, so you are this decent steady and good 2nd string QB who comes in at the end of the season because your all-star starter totally flops, and do a really good job. You might think that you are poised for an addition to the Fumbled Returns Surprise Sleepers award. Then your management/coaching team goes out and drafts not 1, but 3 QB’s ! including first rounder Jimmy Clausen. Sheeesh! Don’t worry. I’m sure you will do just fine. In fact I’m putting you on my surprise list early.

Calvin Johnson – WR –Lions
Make no mistake. The Lions will be much better this year and so will Calvin. I just do not know if he quite qualifies as a Sleeper. I’d be tempted to pick the QB first.

Dez Bryant – WR – Cowboys
Hmmm, why do I think T.O. with this one. He probably will be really good, but for the same reasons as T.O. , I could never like him to vote for or even draft him.

Arrelious Benn – WR – Bucs
One of the weapons and reasons TB just might be the turnaround franchise of 2010. Nobody is expecting great results, but the team is starting to put some of the pieces together. It might happen early with a bunch of rookies and unproven talent, but my money is watch out for this team in 3 years.

Mike Williams – WR – Bucs
See Above. And if you want to pick a sleeper from this team, go with the QB. But it might be a stretch. It’s a long shot but remember, you heard it here first!

Mardy Gilyard – WR – Rams
You know, the Rams just might be the “other” turn around team of the year, but I just do not think they have enough good talent in the right areas just yet. But if you have a team in a league that counts return yardage and TD's, then Mardy just might be a great sleeper for you.

Kerry Meier – WR – Falcons

I saw this picture and thought, WOW ! now there is a sleeper if ever I saw one ;-)

I have no idea why they drafted him in so high ( if they were looking for a dependable short yardage receiver then maybe they found him, but isn’t that what TE’s are for?)

But maybe they know something we don’t.

Michael Turner – RB – Falcons
Chris Johnson watch out. WHAT ? That is what some folks think happens to top touch RB’s. The mileage catches up to them. Then you get the “injury prone” label like Michael Turner. Ha! He will contend with Matt for comeback player of the year.

Matt Forte - RB – Bears
This Matt , like Ryan, performs best with a good line in front of him or an extra back to follow. Forte and Cutler, did not get enough improvement up front but If he comes back and excels, it will be because of Harvey Unga and or Eddie Williams. Not that other guy from the Vikings. Nor because of the OL.

LeSean McCoy – RB – Eagles
Yeah, he is definite prime sleeper material and the only trouble is, every know it. But if you have a chance to pick him up in the middle rounds. Do so.

Jahvid Best – RB – Lions
Injuries Injuries Injuries! The fodder of fantasy talk. In all honesty, if he had a year off I’d think he would be a shoe-in for rookie or at worst sleeper of the year. But alas, one does not get a year off in the NFL. I really like what the Lions are doing to rebuild, but I am not sold that he is the BEST just yet. Hey, I’ve been wrong before . . .

Anthony Dixon – RB – 49rs
I know everyone else has said it, and I agree. Watch out for the 9rs. The are bigger, better, faster and stronger than last year. In fact, I would not be surprised if they contend for the top spot in their division. The only thing I am not sold on is their QB. Anthony Dixon is the perfect complement to Frank Gore. And the perfect sleeper for when and if Gore gets hurt. With this tandem, who needs a QB anyway?

Toby Gerhart – RB –Vikings
So, you have a player who tends to fumble a the most inopportune times yet is one of the premier RB’s in the league. What do you do? Get a big power back. Gerhart is the perfect compliment, and decoy, to AP. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him steal a few TD’s from AP’s stats this year.

James Starks – RB – Packers
Yup. The pack is back and they have a great team and this guy got the year off that I wished Best got. No, I do not think he is as good as Best but I bet he turns a few heads. I may be picking him early as a sleeper, but he is worth keeping on the radar this year and in future years as well.

So, which team is my surprise team of the NFC?
There are some really good contenders.

I have two choices.
#2) The Falcons. They have people thinking that they are a middle of the pack team and yet they have quietly improved their team both offensively and defensively. The falcons have drafted good players to improve the quality and depth of their offensive line and key defensive positions. And more than one good choice for sleepers on their squad.
#1) The 49rs will win their division. Surprised? ! ! !
Runner up . . .
#3) The Lions will finish better than the Bears!

And the Bears will be the Pffft team of the NFC!

Congratulations to all who made it on to my list(s)!


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