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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Notable Redskin Signings and Sightings This Week !!!

With the start of training camp this week excitement and expectations and least we forget, speculations, are running high.

So it only goes to show that there are some important redskin signings this week to kick things off....

Donovan McNabb was at a book signing Tuesday for the "NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters" book signing at Borders in DC.

McNabb is one of more than 70 current and former NFL players who contributed to the book, which discusses what it's like to have a daughter and what men can do to prevent violence against women. Proceeds from sales go to A Call to Men, a group dedicated to the prevention of domestic abuse. Redskins' cornerback DeAngelo Hall and former Redskin Brian Mitchell also contributed to the book and have previously signed copies.

Then we have the notable Redskin Cheerleaders Hosting a Calendar Party Thusday July 29th at Public Bar in DC.

The Calendar Party gets underway at 7 p.m. and continues to 11 p.m. The event features performances and a fashion show by the new cheerleaders squad, as well as opportunities for autographs and photos.

Proceeds benefit, well, probably the charitable Dan Snyder bank account and the calendar is dedicated to, well, the fans ;-)

And speaking of Dan Snyders bank account and supporting a good cause...

Albert Haynesworth is expected to report to training camp slimmer and in better condition this year.

Conspiracy Theory has him doing this to get on the outside of the line and away from his nose tackle responsibilities.

Pro Haynesworth supporters say this is rather to prove his worth and dedication to football.

Me, I vote for a wait and see approach. To me actions speak louder than words and with that said, Dear Albert is not off to a good start. If he was truly dedicated to football and the team he would have shown up in the spring for OTA's like everyone else.

BTW: There was a really cool article, inspirational reading for Albert, published in the Washington post regarding the noble role nose tackle plays in a good defensive scheme.

Hopefully Dear Albert will read it.


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