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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can you hear me now...

So, a while ago I got a HD radio for my car. I got it mostly because the CD in my other radio broke.

Well, one of the features this new radio has is the ability to connect to a Bluetooth device (with an optional adapter of course).

So the other week, one of my co-workers went on spending spree and bought a whole bunch of Apple products like a Mac and iPhone. The mac I could understand because she is going back to college and her current computer is probably older than mine. The iPhone was a surprise to me. Needless to say both are really nice to have and hardly a day goes by that she does not come in all giddy about some new feature, or app, that she discovered with either her mac, or iPhone, or both.

But anyway, one day she comes in and is raving about how she has done the coolest little thing with her iPhone. It connects up with her Prius radio and she can talk and listen to phone calls through her car audio system.

This gets me to thinking that I have been meaning to do the same with my phone and radio. So I hop online and take a look for the optional adapter that is required to do this.

Wow! it is almost as expensive as the new radio was in the first place.
So I hop on over to e-bay and take a look and low and behold someone has a used one for auction. I put it on my watch list and 3 days later jump in with 20sec left and make a bid. I won! :-) And it only cost me about 1/2 the price! :-) :-)

So, I have installed the adapter, sync'd up my phone, and can now receive and make calls with my car radio!



Gimpdiggity August 27, 2009 at 11:07 PM  

That's cool Doug.

I had a Bluetooth headset for my phone, but I really didn't like the way I felt with it on.

If I actually used my cell phone for anything other than checking sports scores, I would install a hands free kit in the car. But I use my phone for maybe about 20 minutes worth of calls on average every month...

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