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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time to Stock up?

In the old days...
Back to school meant more shopping. More shopping meant spending more money on the economy.

Now a days...
Back to school means snuffled noses, sneezes, germs and the dreaded H1N1 !!!
And stock market hype!!!

At this point, I'd like to thank the following....

WHO for saying that this flu season could be even worse.
The pharma companies (some of them at least) finally getting around to developing a vaccine.

The swine flu (pandemic) index I put together last spring is once again on the move.

This week alone has seen quite a rise in two of my favorites on the is list; Qdel and SVA.

QDEL - develops the test for the flu which your doctor does when you go to him or her and say you don't feel well.

SVA - develops the vaccine you take, so you don't have to take the test.

Though I might be a day (in this case a week) late and a dollar short, I think it is time once again (for those who a willing to take a bit of a risk) to ride the hype wave.

As always, invest wisely and good luck surfing!


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