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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A football weekend - part 2

A loss, A loss, A win, and A pretty good...

So, this weekend was:

The first game(s) of the youth football season.

The big drawing for Mega Millions.

The Redskins first pre-season home game.

And the draft for my other league. (The one I'm not commish for)

We ended up loosing our first game. But this is not so bad. We played the division champions from last year, and they are still really good. The final score was 12 - 0.
Even though we lost and did not score - the other team really had bigger and faster kids than us; I think the team did really well. They learned valuable lessons about staying home on defense, and following through with your blocks and tackles.

Just in case anybody from my team is reading this blog, "everyone needs to go back to work Monday Morning". Sorry, the bad news is that the lottery commission just does not yet realize that we are supposed to have the winning ticket. The good news is that nobody else convinced them either...

Last night was the Redskins first pre-season home game and unlike last week; they decided to show up and play some football. Everyone played well, except Jason Campbell, and I was especially impressed with a lot of the second team guys. Chase Daniel, who the Redskins picked up as an undrafted free agent showed a lot of poise and command of the game and orchestrated some really good scoring drives. Marcus Mason continued his impressive pre-season performances from last year and showed everyone he is for real. Marko Mitchell continued to show his catching ability by a nice grab up high in the air for a TD. Malcolm Kelly beat the Steelers secondary early, the offensive line gave Campbell plenty of time, but Campbell just could not connect with his receivers last night. Maybe Zorn should put Daniel in first next week to send a message....

And last but certainly not least; Saturday was the draft for my other Fantasy Football league.

So, how did I do in this one? For a totally blind automatic draft...
Not so bad I think... (I had second pick)

The Pariahs


Aaron Rodgers
Shaun Hill
Jason Campbell


Adrian Peterson
Ronnie Brown
Mewelde Moore
Darren Sproles


Lee Evans
Vincent Jackson
Justin Gage
Ted Ginn
Brian Robiskie


Chris Cooley


John Carney
David Akers


Baltimore Ravens


Sam August 23, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

Chase Daniel is a darn good quarterback. I read the main reason he didn't get drafted was because of his size. If you do some quick research, you'll find he's exactly the same size as Drew Brees! Honestly, you really don't have to be 6'6", 255 pounds to be an effective NFL quarterback. I'll take a SMART quarterback over a BIG quarterback 100 out of 100 times.

Doug August 23, 2009 at 7:13 PM  

I was really surprised that he did not get drafted. And with the pre-season performance Colt, Chase just might upseat him for the 3rd spot.

I hope he makes the team.

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