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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something to talk about...

And it all revolves around Quarterbacks!

I could have called this "The Class of 2005"

"The new kid in town"

"Size matters...NOT!"

"Who really cares about number 1"

"My predictions..."

Lets start with the class of 2005.
Aaron Rodgers was drafted in the 1st round and is now flourishing as a big time starter.

Alex Smith, also drafted in that very same first round (actually #1 overall), has fallen off a cliff!

Jason Campbell, drafted one spot behind Aaron, does not have any more excuses and needs to step up in this, his contract year.
Will he follow the path of Alex or Aaron?
The jury is still out on him - for now...

Now for the "new kid in town and size matters... NOT!"

The new kid is Chase Daniels. He ,amazingly, went undrafted. Came to the Redskins because he wanted to study under Zorn. And now has shown everyone that he has the talent and the brains to run a NFL offense.

Actually, all the Redskins have to do is look at their history for top QB's who do not necessarily fit the BIG and TALL mold of the NFL Franchise QB's.

Joe Theismann
Height: 6-0 Weight: 192
4th round pick
Career Stats
TDS 160
INT 138
YDS 25,206
RTG 77.4

Sonny Jurgensen
Height: 5-11 Weight: 202
4th round pick
Career Stats
TDS 255
INT 189
YDS 32,224
RTG 82.6

This leads me to my "who cares about number 1"

I took a quick look at the history of Superbowl QB's...

Out of 56 QB's,
27 were drafted in the first round
29 were not
2 of those 29 were not drafted at all!!!

Some of the noteworthy non 1st rounders...

Of course Tom Brady
The previously mentioned Joe Theismann
Joe Montana
Fran Tarkenton
Johnny Unitas
Roger Staubach
Bart Starr

You can look at the list here

And last but not least... My predictions...

This is actually tied into the class of 2005, non 1st rounders, and undrafted QB's.

Shaun Hill has been named starting QB for the San Francisco 49's.
He beat out Alex the cliff jumper.

His career stats so far...
TDS 18
Passing yards 2,547
QB Rating 90.5

Not bad for a local 2002 undrafted University of Maryland football player.


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