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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NFL Reality Shows...

So, the other day I was looking at suggestions for Fantasy Football Team names and realized that they would be perfect titles for reality TV episodes.

Here are some potential episode (AKA Fantasy Football Team Names) for Life on the sidelines...

Kibbles and Vicks
Eli, The Other White Manning
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
Cassel Greyskull
Goodell’s Morality Squad
FavreDollar Footlongs
Farve From Over
Burressted Development
ORTON (hears a) WHO?
Flacco Seagulls
I Dream of Mangini
Cutler's Last Stand
Home is where the Portis
I’m so Zorny
Have Bush? Get Barber!
Victorious Secret
Touchdown There
Show me the TD's!
The I.R.S.
Because the I.R.S. always wins, no matter what. There’s no beating the I.R.S.
(I know, that last one is not truly football related but it was too good to pass up)

And the NFL could also market special commemorative sports items based on each show...

Such as this one...

If I were the type of person to speak out about such things as the NFL's double standards, hypocritical or ethical or not, spin of profiting after a crimes or meddling with players lives and money... I probably would do so here...

But, I'm not. So, I won't.



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