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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I want to be King....


I've have a small secret confession to reveal.

I've said all along that I am in 3 fantasy leagues.

Truth is, I am in 4....


I also signed up for this elimination league.

The idea is simple, yet intriguing, and incredibly challenging all at the same time.

You get to pick one team each week that you think is going to win.


But... There is always a but...

Once you pick that team, you can never pick that team again for the rest of the season. Including the playoffs and the Super Bowl!

The idea is to pick a winning team each week through the whole season, playoffs and ultimately the super bowl. All without repeating a team.

If the team you pick wins, you advance to play again.
If the team you pick looses or ties, you are out.

Last player picking wins. Or in this case; is "King of the Mountain".

So, how have I done.

Well, I have survived; but not without some nail biters...

First nail biter was Redskins vs Rams. The Skins managed to eek out a win 9 - 7.

Next nail victim game was Bengals vs Browns. A close one 23 - 20.

Not to be out done... the Cowboys decided they needed and extra quarter to defeat the Chiefs in week 5.

And seeing that OT was the way to give fans a thrilling heart attack, Jacksonville proceeded to do the exact same thing against the Rams in Week 6. Oh and if that was not enough, I had had the Eagles picked to win against the Raiders all week but for some reason, decided to change it the day before...
Oh yeah, that's right... I decided that I was not ready to eliminate the Eagles from being a playoff team yet...

Thankfully the last two weeks have gone smoothly and without any more loss of finger nails.

But, (there's that incredible word again)...

Now it seems to be getting tougher. Now it seems that one has to think more and more about the potential playoff teams. Trouble is, at this point in time, there are is a ton of unpredictable potential when it comes to the playoffs and how well a team is or is not going to do on any given week.

This week is the first that it struck me as "getting difficult". I still think there are a couple "safe" bets but each week from now on will get trickier and trickier...

Who would you pick?


Sam November 9, 2009 at 10:35 PM  

This is fun and REALLY difficult. I played last year and made it to exactly week 2. :-(

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