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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Taking Stock

So I was cruising around the Internet and came across some articles which seemed related to my watch lists.

Some favor my picks, some not so much...

First there was this article which mentioned CNinsure Inc. (CISG) as a strong buy in ZACKS aggressive growth category.
I have gone against my usual theory and held this stock for over a month; and now that it has gotten some "buy" publicity, I am tempted to hold on to it.

But not so much as to keep all of my position in it.

There are two or three from my watch lists which I have been interested in.

NTES recently bought World of Warcraft and is trying to push into the huge Chinese online and gaming market. Unfortunately, China is pushing back. But there are other markets and the rest of the world to sell to so even though NTES has taken even a bit more of a hit from this potentially bad news, I believe it will work out and allow the stock to recover even more.

China Natural Gas (CHNG) is well positioned within the country to take advantage of growing demand and good pricing. Jim Jubak, from MSN Money, had this article which mentioned the Natural Gas industry as a good potential buy. His take was a bit different than mine, but still caught my attention in that I have a Natural Gas company on my lists.

Graham Corporation (GHM) is a diverse well run company which is well suited to take advantage of various sectors of the economy as they rebound; including the energy fields. They have had a string of decent quarterly reports and have enjoyed slow but steady stock growth over the past year.

Last but not least is this article which lists some interesting stock choices for research AND their list of top 50 stocks for the month of November. Now, I have not done this for each and every month but the one or two times I have tracked them against my watch lists, I have done better.
One of the interesting things I find with this top 50 list is that their screens try to anticipate sectors which will do better as well as well positioned stocks for each of those sectors. Each month this list can, and often does, change due to market conditions. It is interesting to see the many Oil and Natural Gas companies listed. Apparently their screens seem to think these sectors will do well.

It will be interesting to see how well I and they do this time around.


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