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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Offensive Record...

Yes folks, it appears that yet once again Big Ben is up to his good ol' boy antics.

You would think that he would learn his lesson about partying with college towns, drunken beer maidens, and fans.

But he hasn't. And now he's got himself a high profile, and priced, lawyer to spin this into legal oblivion.

It also appears that Big Ben just might be joining the sponsor ranks of Tiger Woods and Koby.

Ty Ballou, president and chief executive officer of Pittsburgh-based PLB Sports, which markets the "Big Ben Beef Jerky" brand says that they are not passing judgement and are willing to let proceedings take their course; however, it is "unfortunate and concerning".

Roethlisberger's other sponsors are non-committal so far. Nike, which said it "fully supports" Tiger Woods in February, declined to comment on Roethlisberger Sunday. Dick's Sporting Goods, which has used Roethlisberger in its ad campaigns, comment either.

I will refrain from attempting a tasteless joke regarding Ben and his sponsors...

Obviously, Ben is not picky about his parties.

Me on the other hand, I have become somewhat particular. Not so much about parties, but about what I drink. You see, for some reason I have developed a sensitivity to gluten. Fortunately, I am not nearly as sensitive to gluten as many people who suffer from Celiac Disease are, but it does bother me. So it may not come as a surprise that I do not drink much, if any, beer.

However, the other day I was shopping in Wegmans and saw a couple "Gluten Free" beers. So, I've started a bit of a research project on gluten free beer. Since I decided to join my wife with a "no alcohol" Lent, this project is strictly virtual so far.

These are the two gluten free beers I saw in the store.




Based on the review links above, I am looking forward to Lent being over and trying these newly found beers. In moderation of course.

OK, I do have one bar joke to pass on to everyone...

Ready, here it is...

A guy is travelling around the Greek Islands . He walks into a bar and, by chance, is served by a Canadian barmaid. As she takes his order, a Molsons, she notices his Canadian accent. Over the course of the evening they get chatting. At the end of her shift he asks if she wants to come back to his place.

Although she is attracted to him she says no. He then offers to pay her $200 to sleep with him.

As she too is travelling around the world, and is short of funds, she

The next night the guy turns up again. Again he orders Molsons and after showing her plenty of attention, asks if she will sleep with him again for $200. She remembers the payout from night before and is only too happy to agree.

This goes on for 5 nights. On the 6th night the guy comes in again,
orders Molsons but goes and sits in the corner. The barmaid thinks that if she pays him more attention then, maybe she can shake some more cash out of him.. So she goes over and sits next to him.

She asks him where he's from in Canada ..

' Thunder Bay', he tells her.

'So am I. What area?' she enquires.

'Port Arthur' he replies.

'That's amazing,' she says excitedly, 'so am I - what street?'

' Cameo Street ' he replies.

'This is unbelievable..........' she says, her voice quavering;

'What number?'

'Number 20', he replies.

She is totally astonished. 'You are NOT going to believe this,' she
screams, 'but I'm from number 22! My parents still live there!'

'I know...' he says, 'Your Dad gave me $1,000 to give to you'


the Handrew March 9, 2010 at 9:13 AM  

I've seen the Redbridge in the In-law's fridge. My mother in law has some sort of Gluten intolerance as well.

I haven't tried the Redbridge, but she said it was good.

Dave Miller March 10, 2010 at 11:53 AM  

Horrible joke, but I like it, and of course will tell it...

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