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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Field Goals are for Losers

So, in other words, if you are going to be a winner, or a champion, march down the field and score a F'n TOUCHDOWN.

After all, who has ever heard a cheer for Field Goals?

Rah! Rah!
Here we go!
Lets score a Field Goal!!

Or Coin tosses?

Hey Hey!
We don't want a loss!
Lets win that coin toss!!

Yes, the overtime rule(s) needed to be changed. But, I think they only got it half right.

Of course this topic has generated lots of commentary and hair brain ideas.

Here are a couple that I thought worthy of mention...

As a non-football follower at work said...

If TD's are so important, why not just get rid of Field Goals entirely? After all, what other sport has two different goals for scoring two different systems.

No thank you, but it was interesting to hear...

Conversely, if Field Goals are what makes Football so special, why don't we have a shootout like in hockey? Each team just lines up on the 25 or 30 yard line and first team to miss, loses. (Hockey/Soccer fan)

Again, no.

Me, I take a much more simplistic point of view.

Each team gets at least one offensive series. If both score equal points first time, then first team to score after the first series... wins.

OK, so what happens if the receiving team returns the kick off for a TD?
The other team now gets to kick off and give the other team a chance to return the kick. Though, I could be easily convinced that the game is over because one team screwed up on coverage.

Technical note: The receiving team is the offense and the kicking team is the defense. So another kickoff would satisfy the one offensive series rule.

OK, so what happens if the first defensive unit scores a TD on a fumble recovery or interception? I'm still not 100% sure what the new rule says but I think the game should be over because the first offensive unit screwed up and the team that would be now kicking off would give the screw ups a second offensive series to their 0 offensive series.

And, of course, (here is the half right part) if it is good enough for the playoffs and championship, then it is good enough for the regular season.

Technical note #2: What about the risk of injury due to extra football playing time?

(insert crybaby sound here)

If anybody really was concerned about protecting the players from "extra" football playing time, then do away with the preseason. After all, the players get paid millions of dollars to play and win.

But that is not going to happen because the NFL and Owners make so much money off of these worthless games.

Oh well, at least it is a start. But they need to do more.


Gimpdiggity March 24, 2010 at 6:25 PM  

The new rule is just about as dumb as the old rule.

The easiest and best way to handle this??

One 15 minute overtime period. Whoever is ahead at the end is the winner. In the regular season, if nobody is ahead it's a tie. In the post season, if nobody is ahead we go to another 15 minute overtime period.

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