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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Interesting Moves

LJ signed by the Redskins...


He gets to keep his number.
We get him for only $3.5 Million and no draft picks or trades.
I believe he may still have more in the tank than CP.
He has less mileage and hits than CP.
He can take over for CP when CP gets injured (and he will) or gets his bell rung again (and did I mention he will get hurt again).
We now have 4 TE's and 2 RB's to block and catch for Campbell.


Character issues.
Off field issues.

All in all, I think this is a good business decision for the skins.
IMHO there are no other free agents out there potentially this good for this price.
LJ knows his options are running out and we are willing to give him a chance to prove himself. He will not be expected to be an every down back, nor will CP, which should help both of them stay healthier longer.
LJ gives the skins a chance to not gamble on any one player in the draft and hopefully find and build up a good back through the draft over the next couple years.

And before I hear any more silly talk about LT and Westbrook let me just say this.
Both think they are way too important and carry too big of a price tag.

And from what I hear, Westbrook's head is even worse than CP's.

Yes, we still need an OL that can block and protect. But hopefully we should be able to address that through the draft.

LJ is a risk, but a legitimate risk.

Now on to our other free agent pick ups.

Maake Kemoeatu

Ok, we have one beast man on the defence by the name of Albert Haynesworth. We all know that Albert is NOT an every down player and that he tends to get nagging injuries. So, the logical thing to do is find another beast of a man who is not an every down player and also needs to monitor his playing time to be healthy and most effective.
Maake is a risk because he is coming off of a major injury, but he did pass the physical. And, like LJ, we got him at a reasonable price.

Gee, I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Decent veteran talent that can compliment what we already have at a reasonable price.

Artis Hicks

I'll give you three guesses about how to describe him and the first two don't count.

Good, versatile, veteran, at a decent price who provide talent and skill anywhere on the OL. Which is exactly what we need.

I really am beginning to like Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen's approach to managing an NFL team. It is not splashy, its not $tar $truck, but it is measured, calculating and they stick to the plan.

Of course only time will tell how good they really are but so far this has been a refreshing change.

Then again...

If worse comes to worse, we can always rely on LJ to spin up the twitter and media coverage if things go bad.


Announcer- Campbell drops back to pass...gets pressure up the middle...SACKED for a loss.

Announcer- Campbell drops back to pass...gets pressure from the outside...scrambles...hit as he throws...INTERCEPTION!

Shanahan- Hey LJ we need you to distract folks from Jason...get folks off his back.

LJ on Twitter- Poor JC, how come the D gets all the running lanes?

LJ on Twitter- The only holes I ever see are when the line ... over..


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