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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I believe in aliens

And I believe that when they come and visit they "inhabit" one of us.

Trouble is, I can't decide if, when they "inhabit" somebody, that person becomes irrational or incredible smart. And when they leave that body the person reverts back to the other condition.

This is the only way I can explain Dan Snyder's behavior over the past 6 months.

Either an alien left Dan Snyder, or one came for a visit.

Either way, I say THANK YOU!

Over the past 6 months, he has not only hired two great football minds to run the Redskins organization, but he is actually stepping back, at least out of the spot light, and allowing them to do so.

And these two minds, Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, are showing remarkable poise and reason in this crazy free agency market.

Maybe they are all aliens?

But so far they have cleaned house of players who a couple years from now will be either past their prime and/or too old and expensive to keep on the roster.

They have placed agency tags on those they need to have while setting a price tag not too high so as not to scare away any and all potential offers.

Case in point, Jason Campbell. They tendered an offer of 3.1 million dollars and a first round pick. A worthy salary for a decent QB, which should keep him happy, yet at the same time just low enough to say, hey, maybe we might negotiate for the right opportunity.

Oh, and speaking of QB's and opportunities, and organizations I am beginning to like more and more.

The Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco just got a whole lot better with a good bold move acquiring Anquan Boldin. This too is an organization which is really really smart with the draft and free agency. They tend to be able to find the gems in the draft, know which key players to acquire and keep, while not loosing sight on their goals and sanity.

So far, I am actually liking and enjoying this free agency period and still look forward to the upcoming draft.


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