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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 09 Watch List

I finally got around to a February watch list. WOW, this list was long with lots of companies. In fact, after I weeded through them all, and eliminated about half for various reasons, the list was still twice a long as I would like to have for a watch list.

I’m listing the weeded through list and highlighting the ones of particular interest to me which I plan on following more closely.

What I found particularly interesting for this month, is the large amount of medical/phar/electronic component type of stocks showing up. Most of the time I avoid these; however this time, because of the fact that we have pets, I have included a couple.

My Highlighted February Watch List.

SVA Sinovac Biotech Ltd
Sinovac Biotech, Ltd., a biopharmaceutical company, through its subsidiaries, engages in the research, development, production, and sale of vaccines that protect against human infectious diseases.
Has a decent pipeline of product including a recently announced expansion into the veterinary market with a rabies vaccine. Sinovac’s main product is Healive®, a human vaccine for hepatitis B. Without being specific, Sinovac said that the rabies vaccine was the first of “a number of products” now in the animal health development pipeline.

GIGM GigaMedia Ltd
Go Gamers!

UEPS Net 1 Ueps Technologies Inc
Net 1 has developed an electronic payment solution for the underbanked in developing countries. The company’s system addresses the needs of four billion people, an enormous addressable market and has been expanding it’s base to other countries. Interesting play on financial system. Recently upgraded and earnings announcement due this week.

ABAX Abaxis Inc
Develops, manufactures, markets, and sells portable blood analysis systems for use in human or veterinary patient-care. New products and contracts announced and last week had a really good earnings announcement. This is yet another interesting medical/vet play. Currently experiencing a BIG upswing 20% due to earnings conference call. Gee sorry I missed this one but may be good to get in on a dip in price.

EHTH eHealth Inc
eHealth, Inc. offers Internet-based insurance agency services to individuals, families, and small businesses primarily in the United States. The company’s e-commerce platform, which is accessed directly via and, enable individuals and families to research, analyze, compare, and purchase health insurance products online. It offers various health insurance products, including medical health insurance coverage, such as preferred provider organization; health maintenance organization and indemnity plans; short-term medical insurance; student health insurance; health savings account eligible health insurance plans; and ancillary products, such as dental, vision, and life insurance. The company, in partnership with Shanghai's Alltrust Insurance Agency Co., Ltd., offers health, life, and accident insurance in Xiamen and Shanghai, the People?s Republic of China. Interesting play on healthcare system.. They are maintaining good balance sheets, growth even with the recent downturn. In fact, with the new administration and with the downturn (loss of corporate benefits) more folks might just be looking to extend insurance at an affordable rate. And EHTH is exactly the place the would go to look.
watch for added buyin or sudden movements up or down.

GME GameStop Corp
Might pick up again at low point and good pattern - Go Gamers!

GTI GrafTech International Ltd
GrafTech International, Ltd. develops and manufactures graphite and carbon material science-based solutions. It operates in three segments: Graphite Electrodes, Advanced Graphite Materials, and Other Businesses. Produced cash flow in the first nine months of $171 million, more than double the same period a year earlier. As a result, it was able to reduce net debt by $285 million, which in turn cut interest expenses by more than 50% to less than $13 million. Due to economic slowdown, it revised its full-year numbers for 2008 downward indicating sales would increase 18% to 20%, operating income 35% to between $315 million and $330 million with cash flow from operations increasing to $210 million, up from previous guidance of $190 million. These are still really good numbers for any company especially now.

MR Mindray Medical International Ltd
Again, not usually one I would include on a list but it appears to be a strong company, with a good pipeline of products for 2009 and gaining momentum. This one has good short and long term potential. (we aren’t getting any younger you know)…
Mindray Medical International Limited, through its subsidiary, Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of medical devices. It operates in three segments: Patient Monitoring and Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostic Products, and Medical Imaging Systems. Interesting to watch - good pipeline - wait for announcements or increase in flows.

SCOR comScore Inc
comScore, Inc. provides a digital marketing intelligence platform that helps customers make informed business decisions and implement digital business strategies in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Canada. Its products and solutions offer insights into consumer behavior, including objective, detailed information regarding usage of their online properties and those of their competitors, coupled with information on consumer demographic characteristics, attitudes, lifestyles, and offline behavior. I believe the economic downturn will make this sort of information and data-minning even more valuable. Interesting of note is their resent top ten list which has ties back to other companies on both this watch list and January’s. Look for a drop (See online gaming, gambling and smart phone/devices).

TWLL Techwell Inc
Techwell, Inc., a semiconductor company, engages in the design, marketing, and sale of mixed signal integrated circuits for multiple video applications in the security surveillance, automotive, consumer, and personal computer (PC) markets worldwide. Its products enable the conversion of analog video signals to digital form and perform digital video processing to facilitate the display, storage, and transport of video content. The company provides security surveillance products that integrate various functions required to display, store, and transport analog video signals from security surveillance cameras; and liquid crystal display (LCD) products, which integrate functions required to display analog video, high definition video, and PC graphics signals on a LCD display. It offers its security surveillance products for applications in embedded digital video recorders (DVRs), PC-based DVRs, networked video recorders, and multiplexers. I know the semiconductor industry is not strong now but this company is concentrated on video capture and security devices which I believe is still a strong and growing field in today’s world. The current economic conditions are reason for concern here so watch to see if it goes below Jan lows. Earnings announcement soon.

Others of Notable Mention.
(hopefully this will not be like my 2008 Fantasy Football Team where my bench had a tendency to outperform my starters….)

ARGN Amerigon Inc
Again, interesting company support a down industry, settling into a stable trading pattern, when autos pick up probably worth watching.

ATRM Aetrium Inc
Not what I usually follow, but an interesting uptick pattern of strength and money flow. Watch for now. I am including this one on main list only because it seems to be establishing consecutively higher lows.

AAPL Apple Inc
Watch for it to go down to 85 or less to possibly buy.

ADBE Adobe Systems Inc
Left over from last month. Good to watch for long term

ARO Aeropostale Inc
Buy what others are buying and example of good pattern.

ATRM Aetrium Inc
Not what I usually follow, but an interesting uptick pattern of strength and money flow. Watch for now. I am including this one on main list only because it seems to be establishing consecutively higher lows.

EGMI Electronic Game Card Inc
Wow how did this get on my screens, OIC good ownership and profits, and an interesting play on a poor economy. Notice support levels. And patterns. Lets see where the new line is drawn and how it acts as it approaches the 50d ma. Again, not a stock or product line I usually am interested in…

FSLR First Solar Inc
Everyone wants to be both green and bright. ;-) I just do not know if I am ready to jump in or on this bandwagon yet. Watch for now looking at a possible holding pattern watch ma and for any drops.

GSIT GSI Technology Inc
Good for long term watch - earnings announcement this week

ITRN Ituran Location and Control Ltd
Ituran Location and Control, Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, provides location-based solutions and machine-to-machine wireless communications products for use in stolen vehicle recovery, fleet management, and other applications. Another good auto play-actually showed up on one of last month screens and has since moved up the list. Watch.

JCOM j2 Global Communications Inc
Watch pattern to see if it bounces off of 20ish mark.

MOS Mosaic Co

DXR Daxor Corp
Watch for 15 level and lower

VDSI Vasco Data Security International Inc

VSNT Versant Corp

WTU Williams Coal Seam Gas Royalty Trust


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