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Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Watch List Review

Wow, what a brutal start for the stock market this year.
Wow, so far my system and luck seem to be holding up OK.

I emphasize ‘luck’ because; even though I continue to do better than many of the major indexes, obviously much of my watch list lost money.

In fact, out of 10 February picks, only two stocks finished in the black.

Overall the list lost 6.41% for the month of February. Two of the eight losing stocks were down almost a whopping 30%.

So, who were the winners?

UEPS +7.74% (Net1 Technologies)
GME +8.55% (Gamestop)

This is the second month in a row Gamestop is up! I’ll see if they show up on my March watch list again. Maybe I should stick with all you hard core gamers out there who would rather spend money on games and online playing and do not know the meaning of recession.

As you may recall, January had two “game” themed investments on my watch list; GIGM and GME. I actually invested in both and sold both, with the idea that I would take my combined 14% return and count myself lucky. Also, I believed then, as I do now, that for the most part, the market is too volatile to buy and hold for any length of time.

Case in point; looking at my January watch list; overall I was down 5.9% for the month of January and GIGM was up 15.3% for the month. Now that same list is down 14.91% overall and GIGM lost 11.09% in February.

Looking further at my watchlists; Adobe, Gigamedia and Gamestop were the only ones which made both January and February lists. Combined, they have a less than impressive 1.82% return.

There was one big winner this past month, MOS (The Mosaic Company). I originally had sooo many stocks on my February list that I cut it down to my top 10. These were stocks that I was most interested in. MOS was on my cut list. I still do like this company and will continue watching it. For the month of February it had a 20.00% gain. This was and continues to be, in part, fueled by take-over rumors. There was an article on Seekingalpha that seemed to hint that this coming week might show some take-over news, but then again, it may just be somebody trying to spin up interest. If you are not adverse to risk and willing to take a chance, this might be worthwhile taking a gamble on in the short term. This past Friday rumors alone sent the stock up over 8% for the day.

So, (queue the drum roll) who are we going to have on the March watch list?
And which stock(s) am I going to invest in?

Stay tuned….


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