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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Silence is golden…

There was a good article, actually I’m sure several hundred at least – but I will reference the one in my local paper the Washington Post, regarding the latest announcement of yet another banned substance scandal.

In it the writer makes the following statement…
“Baseball or the federal government, which seized the list, should release the names of every player who tested positive for a banned substance in 2003, if for no reason than it would clear the names of more than 600 major league players who refused to sully the game or themselves that year. “

In fact, I think we should expand this concept / list to include all sports and reprehensible activity, such as the ones on this NFL crime watch list

Then, let’s put some teeth behind these lists and make folks accountable. Players should be suspended, without pay, for breaking the rules; if for no other reason to reward those who do honor the game and their god given talent.


Gimpdiggity February 13, 2009 at 5:16 AM  

I don't understand athletes.

These things that they do are ILLEGAL!!! Illegal supersedes rules. If something is illegal, a sport should NOT have to put a rule into it's books making it against the rules to do.

What's next?? A player trying to steal home pulls out a gun and shoots the catcher?? Sure, it's murder...but it's not in the rule book so the run counts!!! Game over!!!!

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