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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I give up....

It is now officially Lent.

So, here are some ideas of things to give up...



This may be asking the impossible. Though, if you're anything like me, this would be quite the sacrifice. How many hours a day do you spend reading about sports? How many games and television shows (Sportscenter) do you watch? Instead, use that time and spend it with the people that you love.

I, for one, know that my wife would love it if I gave up sports for Lent.
Man, I hope she's not reading this article.



Though this may not be a bad idea given that the market is intent on killing all returns from the past 10 years!

Myspace, Facebook, Youtube:

OK, maybe...

At this point I'd like to welcome all you 'former' internet socialites to the ancient community app that started it all: BLOGGER!

Alcohol, Ice Cream and Soda:

I am setting the lofty goal(s) for all three!
Hey, it's fat Tuesday as I am writing this, so, guess what I am indulging in....
Thank god for spell check!

And, not to alienate all those other great ideas and sport celebrities...
Note: I am not giving up Ranting or trying to be Humorous ;-)
Though, after this post, maybe I should...

Colorado Avalanche are giving up......Winning any games the rest of the season.

Brett Favre is giving up......Playing in the NFL....or is he?

Alex Rodriguez is giving up......Naming names in the steroids scandal.

Ben Roethlisberger is giving up......scrambling.

Minnesota Vikings are giving up......2009 Season by attempting to sign QB Sage Rosenfels.

Bill Belichick is giving up......polos and button down shirts.

Detroit Lions are giving up......that's it...just giving up.


alex February 25, 2009 at 9:37 AM  

Yes, your wife IS reading this post (lol).
Give up spelling God with a small 'g" for lent too.
Luv ya.

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