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Friday, February 27, 2009

MEME from A-Z

OK, so my wife, and about am billion other people on the internet are doing these meme things. So, in an effort to not seem out of place or out of touch with the 'in' crowd out there; here goes my fumbled-returns blog version.
Maybe I should call it my BB ...

A – Attitude
B – Ball Down!, ‘Be the Ball’
C – COULD-GO-ALL-THE-WAY, Cheerleader (OK so I don’t think Chris Berman ever intended for those two phrases to be used in the same sentence…)
D – D-Fence, Down
E – End Zone
F – Fumbled Returns, Football, FORE!
G – Golf, GOAL, no such thing as a Gimmy
H – Halftime, Hockey, Hut-Hut-Hike
I – Not in Team
J – Jump!
K – Kick
L – LMAO, Lucky shot
M – Money
N – Nickel-Back (and no, I do not mean the rock band)
O – X
P – Punt, Pass, oh and Practice
Q – Quiet (sorry I just can’t say quit when talking about sports)
R – Run, Replay
S – Safety, Sideline, Shirts & Skins, Sportscenter
T – Tiger Woods, Put the ball on the…
U – Umpire
V – Victory
W – Wedge, Win
X – O
Y – Yellow flag
Z – Zebra


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