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Sunday, May 3, 2009


This week has been another fun filled action packed week at work which, in my opinion, has produced a more viral reaction in the media, and the public eye, and my business' pandemic preparedness planning as part of paragraph 3, subsection 1, of the business continuity plan than the actual swine flu!

But it has been good for stocks, flight cancellations and makers of disinfectants and surgical masks!

You see, I was supposed to go to Ft. Wayne Indiana this coming week for a conference. I know, some of you are saying Ft. Wayne? Whats in Ft. Wayne? I know I certainly did...

Well, for one thing, not the swine flu! But that did not stop all non essential business trips.

Then there was all the hype with stocks that deal with infectious diseases, vaccines, and such.

Some saw astronomical increases in price. And, I have to admit, I took a chance - not sticking with my stock investment strategy and plan - with one (Qdel) which was nice enough to go up over 20% in 4 days.

So I took my money and said thank you very much - and Bless you to the market for it's reaction to a sneeze...


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